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British Consul General in Jerusalem sides with Hamas

News item: A photograph has emerged of UK Consul General to Jerusalem Alastair McPhail wearing a keffiyeh scarf that bears the image of a Palestinian flag superimposed over a map of the whole of Israel, West Bank and Gaza, with … Continue reading

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Gaza war seems to be ending, but who won?

News item: Senior Israeli officials have said that should the Egyptian efforts to forge a long-term cease-fire between Israel and Hamas fail, Western powers will likely try to push for a UN Security Council resolution that would call for an … Continue reading

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Hamas strategy revealed (it isn’t so complicated)

Sometimes one hears that the Hamas strategy is difficult to understand, appears irrational, is self-defeating, and so forth. After all, they are not going to destroy Israel with their rockets, and every time there the conflict heats up they end … Continue reading

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Israel-hating lunatics too crazy to make fun of

The sheer irrationality of the Israel-haters is so great that it becomes impossible to mock them. When the news of the massive protests and police reaction in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of an unarmed black teenager reached Israel, people … Continue reading

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How the Obama Administration is helping Hamas

I have been saying for a long time that the present US administration is the most unfriendly to Israel ever. Now it is becoming even more clear. Israel has been ordering (and getting) weapons and ammunition directly from the Pentagon, … Continue reading

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To my friends in Fresno

Although I have been happily living in the one and only Jewish state for a week, I still haven’t let go of my old home town, Fresno California. Here is a statement from an email sent to its members by … Continue reading

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The civilized world contracts

Is evil something concrete, or is it just the absence of good? Does it make sense in any way to say that the devil exists? It seems to me that the answers to these questions are not reassuring. The actions … Continue reading

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The moral imperative is to survive

I have been a ‘real’ Israeli again (one who lives here) for three days, so here are a few impressions of some things that have changed in 26 years and one which hasn’t. One thing striking me over and over … Continue reading

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