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Would Beinart have supported the Klan in 1964?

It’s hard to find words to describe Peter Beinart. I’d write that I wonder how he sleeps at night, if it weren’t for the fact that his egotism and self-satisfaction come through so clearly in his writing that I would … Continue reading

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Obama’s anti-Israel extremism

News item: Nabil Shaath, a senior PLO official and confidante of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel dropped the demand that Hamas be demilitarized, due to American pressure, in an interview with the Arabic Ma’an News Agency. Shaath is … Continue reading

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It wasn’t a war — it wasn’t even a battle

Everyone knows who won WWII. And unfortunately they know who lost the Vietnam war. But Western analysts are arguing over whether Israel or Hamas won the recent conflict in Gaza. Hamas, for its part, is celebrating with so much random … Continue reading

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Now is the time for escalation, not compromise

There’s lots of talk that Israel and Hamas are both near to accepting the latest Egyptian truce proposal. There is also something in the works at the UN Security Council. There’s plenty of frustration in Israel over the way the … Continue reading

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Waiting for the barbarians

News item: ABOARD A US MILITARY AIRCRAFT (AP) — Gen. Martin Dempsey said that once he determines that the Islamic State militants in Iraq has become a direct threat to the US homeland, he will recommend the US military move … Continue reading

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We can’t satisfy “the world,” so let’s stop trying.

Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Justice Minister and the one who more or less carries the flag of the Left in the government, was quoted today saying something like “we need to end this soon, or the world will get tired of … Continue reading

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URJ officials: ask your cabdriver for the facts

When the Oslo accords were signed in 1993, many Israelis and American Jews alike believed that the end of the Israeli-Arab conflict was in sight. Now, after the Second Intifada, the Second Lebanon War and multiple wars in Gaza, very … Continue reading

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US plan for Israel and Palestinians is impossible

News item: Israel and the US have already coordinated and agreed on the details of a future agreement for a long-term ceasefire with Hamas, and a gradual lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, Ynet reported early Tuesday. … … Continue reading

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