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My personal Kishinev

You probably heard about the 11-year old girl who was critically burned on Thursday when the car she was riding in was struck by a firebomb thrown by an Arab terrorist. And you certainly know about the attack on the … Continue reading

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Why not a Jewish state?

The Knesset won’t be voting on any serious legislation until after the election, but one’s attitude toward the proposed Jewish State Law (literally, the ‘National Law’)  remains a hot topic. The law, which I discussed in detail here, attempts to … Continue reading

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Gideon Levy detained, released

Gideon Levy of Ha’aretz, probably the most anti-Israel of left-wing Israeli journalists (and that is quite an accomplishment), was detained by the police yesterday. I’ve been advocating this for a long time, since Levy clearly belongs in prison. Unfortunately, Israel … Continue reading

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Livni and Peres conspire with Kerry — against Israel

As you may remember, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin carried on pre-Oslo agreement negotiations with the PLO behind the backs of Prime Ministers Shamir and Rabin, and then presented the deal as a fait accompli to Rabin. One doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Rabbi Yoffie loses it

Yesterday I wrote a post arguing that the EU’s problem with Israel is fundamentally insoluble. I am beginning to think that we are going to have an equally difficult time with liberal American Jews. Rabbi Eric Yoffie is the former … Continue reading

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We can’t satisfy Europe

I admit it. I read Ha’aretz (but I don’t pay for it). How else would I know what Israel’s extreme Left is thinking? So I am used to reading that time is running out, we’d better “end the occupation” before … Continue reading

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Do we want a female Putin for PM?

You probably know that Tzipi Livni, whose own party was expected to fail to get the minimum amount of votes to enter the Knesset, somehow managed to convince the Labor Party leader, Isaac Herzog, to form a partnership in which, … Continue reading

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The ideological disaster of Oslo

A lot of you liked yesterday’s post, probably because you have had more than enough of the dangerous nonsense that has become the conventional wisdom about Israel in the West. Western politicians and journalists have adopted the Arab narrative, which … Continue reading

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