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Duma and the ‘Wedding of Hate’

Yes, another post on the Duma murders (see all of them here). I’ve argued all along that the hypothesis that the crime was committed by Arabs in conflict with the Dawabshes is at least worthy of consideration. Much about the … Continue reading

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Defensive weapons and the strategy of preemption

This week the new medium-range anti-missile system called “David’s Sling” was declared operational, and is expected to be deployed in 2016. It will join the existing Iron Dome systems for short-range rockets and the Arrow 3 system for intercepting ballistic … Continue reading

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How not to make political friends

This week, Yitzhak Herzog, the leader of Israel’s Labor Party (now euphemistically known as the ‘Zionist Union’) announced that the time had come for a change in government and he was preparing his party for elections in 2016. Most Israelis … Continue reading

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Shabak hints that Duma arson suspects did not set the fire

I have been following the investigation of the brutal arson-murders in the Arab village of Duma since the crime was committed in the early hours of July 31, 2015 (see here, here, here and here). In a nutshell, someone set … Continue reading

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The Israeli Left’s Faustian bargain

Barack Obama seems to oppose intervention most everywhere. He is especially committed to minimizing the friction between America and the Muslim world – even trying to align America with Islamic objectives – and so continues to reduce the US footprint … Continue reading

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