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Western morality and Islamic jihad

Two Palestinian terrorists stabbed and moderately injured a member of Israel’s Kfir brigade in Hevron Thursday. One was killed immediately; the other was lying wounded on the ground. Some time later the wounded terrorist was killed by a shot to … Continue reading

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Tolerance and terrorism

So there was a bloody terrorist attack – two bloody terrorist attacks – in Brussels on Tuesday. Dozens murdered, more injured seriously. The Islamic State took responsibility, and threatened more attacks. The overwhelming feeling one gets is a combination of … Continue reading

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The Israeli Left is a Potemkin Village

Recent charges that the NGO Breaking the Silence has engaged in espionage in addition to its ‘normal’ activity of collecting and disseminating unverifiable information to embarrass the IDF have stirred a hornet’s nest on the Left. Someone hearing about the … Continue reading

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Leave AIPAC out of it

Led by Rabbis Rick Jacobs and Eric Yoffie, the Reform Movement is talking about taking some kind of action – perhaps a walkout – at the AIPAC convention to protest the appearance of Donald Trump. If they do, it will … Continue reading

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Crying in Tehran

Anyone who has ever tried to babysit a group of Israeli kids knows the expression translated as “this will end in crying.” Sometimes you just know that there will not be a good ending for certain kinds of behavior. Maybe … Continue reading

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