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Don’t give them the narrative

Narrative is everything in information warfare. If you give your enemy the narrative, then the game is tilted in his favor from the start. Palestinian Arabs constantly repeat the myth that they are an indigenous people and we stole their … Continue reading

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Four Jews and a policeman

The policeman woke before dawn to go to work. Maybe he kissed his beautiful daughter. Their picture would be on everyone’s newspaper and TV. The Jews also rose early to daven shacharis before starting their day. Sometime before the conclusion … Continue reading

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Israel’s War of Survival

You don’t win wars until you know who the enemy is or what you are fighting for. Sometimes it’s not clear, even when the war you are called on to fight is one of self-defense. We are presently engaged in … Continue reading

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This is the Jewish state — get used to it

This morning, I took two of my grandchildren to their preschools. On the way back, a few minutes before 8, I walked past a little market. In front there was a TV, and on the TV a headline: Attack at … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of admitting that it’s a Jewish state?

News item: The Ministerial Committee for Legislation was scheduled to debate and vote Sunday on a legislation proposal seeking to declare Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The bill, presented to the committee as “Basic Law: Israel as … Continue reading

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