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On democracy

The favorite complaint made by the Israeli Left and the American liberal Jewish establishment against anything the supposedly “right-wing” government of Israel does is that it is “undemocratic.” They do not usually define the concept of democracy, but they are … Continue reading

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The root of our conflict goes deeper than you thought

If you read a history book or today’s newspaper, you will see certain kinds of conflicts that repeat themselves, time and again. There are economic conflicts, situations in which one group wants something – land or property – that another … Continue reading

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Why they hate the Nation-State Law

The Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People was finally passed a few days ago. The practical, concrete consequences are minimal. There will be neither more nor fewer Arabic road signs. Nobody will lose their right to … Continue reading

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The perverse and vicious Palestinian “refugee” weapon

Suppose someone told you that they wanted to take a billion and a half dollars of American and European taxpayer money each year, and use it to raise an army. It would feed and house more than five million people, … Continue reading

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New thinking required to defeat Hamas

Back when music came on Bakelite discs that spun at 78 rpm, the very fragile records would crack easily. When you tried to play a cracked disc, often the stylus (what everyone called the “needle”) would strike the crack and … Continue reading

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The Nation-State Law rises again

Five years since its initial introduction by MK Avi Dichter, the Nation State Bill is being hotly debated in the Knesset once again. Israel’s Declaration of Independence announced the creation of “A Jewish state in Eretz-Israel,” and added, The State … Continue reading

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Restraint, the strategy of defeat

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others. – Niccolo Machiavelli It’s been reported that indirect negotiations are underway with Hamas for the release of two Israelis and the bodies of two soldiers … Continue reading

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What is it about us?

Today I read a very interesting piece by Times of Israel editor David Horovitz, an interview with David Brog, who runs Sheldon Adelson’s Macabee Task Force. The objective is to fight delegitimization of Israel and BDS on college campuses; but … Continue reading

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