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Will American taxpayers keep building Hamas’ army?

On Monday, if we can believe Mahmoud Abbas, a Palestinian unity government will be formed by the two major factions, Fatah and Hamas. A ‘technocratic’ government will be formed immediately until elections can be held next year. ‘Technocratic’ is a … Continue reading

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Do they have a right to a state?

And so I renew the appeal made in this place by Pope Benedict XVI: the right of the State of Israel to exist and to flourish in peace and security within internationally recognized borders must be universally recognized. At the … Continue reading

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The Presbyterian assault on Israel

The Presbyterian Church of the USA – PC(USA) – is one of the largest ‘mainline’ Protestant denominations in America with about 10,000 congregations and 1.8 million members. It has been steadily losing membership since the 1980s, and recently lost several … Continue reading

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The meanest bastards in history

So the Pope celebrates Mass in Bethlehem, but they can’t turn down the volume of the PA system at the nearby mosque? Listen: Somebody was apparently trying to make a point, in case anyone wondered who’s in charge in Bethlehem. … Continue reading

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Who shot them? (Updated)

Were two Palestinian teenagers shot to death in cold blood by Israeli soldiers on May 15, nakba day? Palestinians say that video evidence shows that two youths were shot far from any action, when they were not threatening soldiers or Border … Continue reading

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