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Why Jonathan Pollard won’t make it to Israel

So Jonathan Pollard will finally be getting out of prison in November, after exactly one day less than thirty years in federal custody. I won’t discuss the details of the injustice done to Pollard – his shockingly disproportionate sentence, the … Continue reading

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Sinat hinam

A lot of things have come together for me in the past few days. Yesterday we observed Tisha b’Av, which brought to mind the sinat hinam, pointless hatred among Jews, that Jewish tradition blames for the destruction of the Temple … Continue reading

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My favorite piece of the Iran deal

Everyone has their own ‘favorite’ part of the Iran deal. Some like the fact that it provides as much as $150 billion up front for Iran to use in support of its terrorist proxies; others point to the promise that … Continue reading

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To hell with the International Community

In Michael Oren’s new book, Ally, (which I like quite a lot), he expresses a sentiment that is often heard in Israeli discourse: If the First Intifada was not sufficiently convincing, the Second thoroughly persuaded me that Israel had to … Continue reading

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From Oslo to Vienna

It’s interesting to look at the parallels between the latest Western diplomatic debacle and an earlier one. Both were examples of self-inflicted catastrophes, unnecessary projects in which the stronger Western power initiated a process to give its weakened opponent new … Continue reading

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Massive rally against Iran deal tomorrow

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The Iran deal as truth serum

I spent a few minutes googling this afternoon. I wanted to see who was in favor of the Iran deal and who against. It turns out that nothing is a better litmus test for one’s attitude toward Jews and Israel. … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and the twilight of the West

So Barack Obama has got his agreement, his legacy. There will be debate and a vote (or votes) taken in the US Congress, but even if the Congress passes a resolution that disapproves the deal, and even in the unlikely … Continue reading

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