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It’s a Tribal Conflict

Humans have always arranged themselves into families, extended families, and tribes. After all, they are primates, and many other primate species act similarly. Sometimes tribes clash over a piece of territory. Maybe the ground is fertile or the hunting is … Continue reading

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Israel, Wake Up!

Hamas has produced a blueprint for “post-liberation Palestine” which describes how they will create the new state of “Palestine” after the Jewish state is destroyed. It explains how they will variously slaughter, dispossess, or enslave the Jews of Israel, and … Continue reading

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The Israeli Arab Murder Epidemic

Everyone in Israel is talking about the explosion of violent crime among Arab citizens. As of today there have been 95 murders of Israeli Arabs in 2021. Extrapolated to 12 months and divided by the Arab population of Israel, this … Continue reading

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Pulling the Plug on Palestinism

One of my readers asked a question, and since many people think as he does, and because the question deserves a more considered response than a quick email reply, I decided to answer in a complete post. Here is his … Continue reading

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The Narrative and the Objective

Argumentum ad consequentiam – Concluding that an idea or proposition is true or false because the consequences of it being true or false are desirable or undesirable. Micah Goodman believes that there is, at least today, no solution to the … Continue reading

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