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Kill the cancerous UN

News item: Three soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Maglan unit were killed Wednesday by an explosion that took place as their unit was inspecting a tunnel entry shaft discovered in an UNRWA clinic in the southern Gaza Strip … Continue reading

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Moving to Israel for moral clarity

As you can see from the counter at the top right of this page (right under the Abu Yehuda logo), I will be returning to live in Israel in a few days, after 26 years in California. A few weeks … Continue reading

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An exercise in Obamical exegesis

Yesterday, President Obama telephoned PM Netanyahu. I’m going to try to explicate the White House ‘readout’ of the call so that non-diplomats can understand it. It seems to me that he proposes a three-stage process: an immediate ceasefire, a medium-term … Continue reading

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Kerry, come quick! The Jews are winning!

The draft of a ceasefire agreement developed by John Kerry and Hamas supporters Turkey and Qatar — without input from Israel, Egypt or the PA — and presented to Israel on Friday, is precisely as bad as was reported yesterday. … Continue reading

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Shame on Kerry: US comes down on side of Hamas

This is absolutely incredible (or, sadly, maybe not). Let me quote Ha’aretz diplomatic writer Barak Ravid, anything but a right-winger: The draft [cease fire agreement] Kerry passed to Israel on Friday shocked the cabinet ministers not only because it was … Continue reading

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