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An Open Letter to Netanyahu and Gantz: Do your Jobs

Over the coming weeks, 100% of the words uttered by our politicians will be lies, obfuscations, spin, dissimulation, disinformation and other forms of useless verbiage. I’ll try not to report on it, because what’s the point? – Ya’akov Lozowick, in … Continue reading

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We Need a Government and We Need it Now

Start with this: Israelis really, really do not want a third round of elections. The cost is astronomical, and the paralysis is dangerous. The Trump Administration, which has so far been in our corner, is showing frustration with our inability … Continue reading

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A Unity Government, Without Arabs and Without Haredim

The study of Torah is good in combination with an occupation, since the toil of both makes sin forgotten. All Torah that is not combined with work will eventually cease and lead to sin. — Rabban Gamliel, son of Rabbi … Continue reading

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Antisemitism: Far Worse than You Thought

I just finished Bari Weiss’ book, How to Fight Anti-Semitism. I suggest that you read it. Not because I agree with everything in it, especially her answers to the question implied by its title. Be proud of being Jewish, she … Continue reading

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The Day Before the Election

It’s the day before the election and I awoke with a strong feeling of disquiet. PM Netanyahu has said that he approves of the idea of a “mutual defense pact” with the US. While I don’t precisely know what that … Continue reading

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