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Etgar Keret’s missing piece

Israeli writer Etgar Keret recently received an award for “work conveying Jewish values across cultures and imparting a humanitarian vision throughout the world.” The word ‘humanitarian’ is a tipoff that the award is given to someone who espouses a left-wing, … Continue reading

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Why we can’t just get along

This happened on Tuesday: Palestinian terrorists spilled oil on highway 443 between Jerusalem and Modi’in and threw rocks and firebombs at passing vehicles, as they do on a regular basis. The IDF responded and opened fire at what they thought … Continue reading

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Ten propositions

I am a nationalist, Zionist, tribalist and hawk. Here are ten things I believe: ‘Israel is the Jewish state’ has a concrete meaning: the owners of the land of Israel are the Jewish people, not all its citizens. Arabs who … Continue reading

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Bad analogies and bad politics

Analogical reasoning is basic to human survival. If you can eat a peach, it’s probably safe to eat an apricot. Those of us who favor profiling for security believe that future terrorists will probably be a lot like past terrorists, … Continue reading

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How Israel is finally becoming a true democracy

Aluf Benn, the editor of the Israeli Left’s flagship publication Ha’aretz, has done a wonderful job of explaining to the rest of us the frustration and fury of those who used to run the country and don’t anymore. Here’s his … Continue reading

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