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How BDS can be Totally Ineffective and yet Extremely Dangerous

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream – 1927 popular song The decision of Ben and Jerry’s to stop selling ice cream in Judea and Samaria has galvanized diverse pro- and anti-Israel groups and individuals. The best … Continue reading

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Israel’s Second Struggle for Independence

The USA has been Israel’s greatest friend and supporter in recent years. It is also Israel’s biggest problem. Our dependence on American military aid has sharply limited our freedom of action, distorted our decisions about procurement of weapons, crippled the … Continue reading

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The Narrative and the Objective

Argumentum ad consequentiam – Concluding that an idea or proposition is true or false because the consequences of it being true or false are desirable or undesirable. Micah Goodman believes that there is, at least today, no solution to the … Continue reading

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Poll of American Jews has Distressing Results

Most American Jews say they “support Israel.” But a recent poll casts serious doubt on this, or at least indicates that their idea of “support” is not what one might expect. The poll was done by the Jewish Electorate Institute, … Continue reading

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What We Can Do About It

Last week I explained How They Did It, how the enemies of Israel – the Arabs, the Soviets, the international Left, and others – turned much of the West against us. What can we do about it? I concentrated on … Continue reading

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