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Ford vs. Kavanaugh

I know I shouldn’t write about this. I haven’t been in the USA for four years, and that was Before Trump, when everything changed over there. I’m an old white male, which implies that I know less than nothing, especially … Continue reading

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Puncturing the Palestinian Refugee Myth

The World Bank says that the “economy” of the Gaza Strip is collapsing. This is or should be about as shocking as the discovery that there is gambling at Rick’s café. The word “economy,” which implies at least some productivity, … Continue reading

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Walking between the raindrops

Last week, a Syrian-operated Russian antiaircraft system shot down a Russian plane while shooting at Israeli jets that had bombed a target in Syria. 15 Russians were on the plane, and none survived. That is really all I know about … Continue reading

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Zionism and Ari Fuld

I’ve been spending a great deal of time lately reflecting on the meaning and importance of Zionism. One reason is that I’m writing a book on the subject, but there is also the news. And this past week, the news … Continue reading

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Twenty-five years after Oslo, the PLO is dying

Almost exactly 25 years ago, on September 13, 1993, Israel committed the greatest single strategic mistake in its 70-year history by signing the “Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements,” otherwise known as the Oslo I Accord. The disaster of … Continue reading

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Criticism or pathological hate?

Hating Jews is a big topic of discussion these days. They’re talking about it in the UK, where Jeremy Corbyn can’t understand why so many are making such a big deal about what he sees as merely a principle of … Continue reading

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Upsetting the narrative

Do you want to know what your enemies are thinking? Listen to what they say. Usually they won’t tell you where and when the next terrorist attack will be but they will tell you their intentions and their strategy. Even … Continue reading

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Why we are so happy (and the staff of Ha’aretz is not)

Who is rich? He who is happy with what he has. – Shimon ben Zoma (2nd century CE) As the new year approaches, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released its annual report. It contained the astonishing detail that 89% of … Continue reading

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