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How Israel Lost the Information War

Yesterday I was listening to a news program on the radio while preparing dinner. The host asked his subject – I don’t recall who it was, probably an opposition member of the Knesset – this question: how can it be … Continue reading

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The Forward Brings Back the Massacre That Never Happened

Like the proverbial old soldiers, anti-Jewish lies never die. But they don’t fade away, either. No matter how often they are proven false, they come back to incite hatred and motivate murder. Blood libels against Jews can be found before … Continue reading

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Shireen abu Akleh’s Blood is on Palestinian Hands

If the production called “the death of Muhammad al-Dura” is the Gone With the Wind of Pallywood,* then the recent extravaganza starring Shireen abu Akleh is on its way to becoming its Star Wars. Both of these affairs have been … Continue reading

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What “Everyone Knows”

Why do supposedly “pro-Israel” voices so often add a disclaimer to their remarks, as if they are embarrassed to say anything wholeheartedly good about us? In an article that is devastating to Ben and Jerry’s and other boycotters, Alan Dershowitz … Continue reading

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What We Can Do About It

Last week I explained How They Did It, how the enemies of Israel – the Arabs, the Soviets, the international Left, and others – turned much of the West against us. What can we do about it? I concentrated on … Continue reading

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Ha’aretz is an Enemy of the Jewish People

Ha’aretz is more than just a left-leaning newspaper. It is an enemy of the state, and in fact, an enemy of the Jewish people, whose future depends on the state. Today, when Israel and Jews are under attack throughout the … Continue reading

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Zionism and Democracy

Gideon Levy, the hateful Ha’aretz writer who reaches new depths of loathing for the state that protects and nurtures him with every column he writes, has gotten something right this week. But he is wrong about the implications of his … Continue reading

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A Short History of a Long Hatred

It would never come into their [the masses] heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may … Continue reading

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