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Calling their bluffs

The strategy of the Palestinian Arabs is simple. We can see it in operation in “micro” and “macro” forms. Everyone is familiar with the micro form: an Arab protester, even a child, comes up to an Israeli soldier and tries … Continue reading

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My journey from Left to Right

Yes, I admit it. I started out in life as a leftist. In 1982 I thought that we went too far in Lebanon; we should have stopped at the 40 km. line promised by Sharon. I was horrified by the … Continue reading

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You can’t win the war you don’t fight

This can’t be allowed to continue. Yesterday there was another fatal stabbing at Etzion junction, a place which has seen several murders and countless terror attacks. A beautiful young woman, Hadar Buchris, was murdered for the crime of being Jewish … Continue reading

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Israel is a safe space

Lately there is a controversy in the US about demands by students for “safe spaces,” which apparently are places where like-minded folks can vent their prejudices without having to worry about hearing dissenting opinions. It made me think about a … Continue reading

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Moderate Islam doesn’t exist (and neither does radical Islam)

I received lots of feedback on my last post, What Is To Be Done (apologies to Lenin). Some correspondents said that I should have distinguished between ‘radical Islam’ and plain old Islam. The radical kind is our enemy, they suggest, … Continue reading

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