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Jonathan Pollard is a Litmus Test. But for What?

The arrival of Jonathan Pollard in Israel 35 years after his arrest for espionage on Israel’s behalf has made me think about the position of the Jew in the diaspora, particularly in America. There are facts about Pollard’s case that … Continue reading

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Israel’s Awful Electoral System

Recently I’ve struggled with some technical issues on one of my computers. It’s always a similar process: there is a small problem, but there is supposed to be a solution. Unfortunately the solution doesn’t work, but there is a solution … Continue reading

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The Biden Administration and the “War of Return”

Judging from the few public statements made so far and what is known about his appointees, the Biden Administration will take the same stance toward Israel and the Palestinians as the last Democratic administration, led by Barack Obama. That means … Continue reading

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Birthright and Jewish Continuity

Since 2009, the Jewish Futures Project at Brandeis University has been following participants in the Birthright Israel program to try to see how the program affected their Jewish identity. Since those who choose to take Birthright trips to Israel would … Continue reading

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Are Israeli Jews “Betraying” Americans by Liking Trump?

Here we go again. Another yawning gulf between Israelis and American Jews, “a rupture that threatens Jews everywhere, the trust between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora, and in the long run, Israel,” say Evan Morris and Dennis Jett. It’s … Continue reading

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Another Unfriendly Voice in American Politics

On 5 January 2021 there will be a special election in Georgia for two senatorial candidates. This election is important, because if both Democrats win – and they are leading in the polls – the US Senate will be equally … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Here is the News from Israel

The first batch of Pfizer Corona-virus vaccine landed in Israel yesterday. PM Netanyahu announced that he will be the first to get it, live on television, in order to build public confidence. Although it’s impossible to get Covid from it, … Continue reading

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Is the US Choking on Ideological Miasma?

What is happening to my former home? You Americans don’t notice it, because you are the frogs being boiled (yes, I know that this is not really true about frogs). But you can see it from a distance. The temperature … Continue reading

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