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What is the administration thinking?

As of today, it seems that about 25 Democratic members of the House and 4 senators will be skipping PM Netanyahu’s speech to Congress as a result of White House pressure (or out of a desire to help their beloved … Continue reading

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The US changes course

This article was cross-posted to the Elder of Ziyon blog. Recently, I attended a panel discussion including the representatives of several of the political parties competing in our upcoming election. I found it quite interesting that the question of Iran … Continue reading

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How Herzog and Livni could win

Last week I suggested that the aptly misnamed “Zionist Union” party would do anything to get into power, even — for the first time in Israel’s history —  invite an Arab party into their coalition, and yesterday Tzipi Livni made … Continue reading

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Obama’s policy has no clothes

President Obama is searching for ways to hurt PM Netanyahu when he comes to the US in March to speak before Congress and at the annual meeting of AIPAC. So far, he’s tried acting insulted with little effect, and has … Continue reading

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Israeli elections are surreal, but important

I am pleased to report that I will now be writing a weekly post for one of the top pro-Israel blogs, Elder of Ziyon. It will appear every Thursday, and will be reposted here on Friday morning. I’m extremely grateful … Continue reading

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There’s only one issue in Israel’s election

Our election campaign stumbles on. One could laugh if one could keep from crying when Mrs. Netanyahu’s recycling of deposit bottles or whether it was legal for the Netanyahus to hire an electrician who was also a Likud activist are … Continue reading

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Terrorism in Europe, weakness in America

PM Netanyahu ruffled some feathers in the Jewish community of Denmark when he invited them to “come home” to Israel. “We appreciate the invitation, but we are Danish citizens, this is our country,” Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, chairman of the Jewish … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘random’ animus

We know that President Obama doesn’t often just say what pops into his head. His public speeches are carefully crafted to send the messages that he and his advisers want to send. So when he says, It is entirely legitimate … Continue reading

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