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Four Days in May

This story has everything: the moral bankruptcy and cowardice of Western academia, the obsessive need of Palestinians and their supporters to make everything about them, and the emptiness of their insistence that they are not antisemitic, only “critical of Israel.” … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Malfunction!

Recently, Jews in the West who thought themselves safe have found themselves facing the same form of antisemitism that is common in the Arab and wider Muslim world, much of it imported along with immigrants from the Middle East. In … Continue reading

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Sovereign or Satellite?

“Israel has the right to defend herself,” said Joe Biden to cheers from the Jewish state. But not too strongly or for too long, apparently. When the pressure from the left wing of his party began to get uncomfortable, he … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Israel!

Wake up, Israel, and smell the burning synagogues and Jewish homes in Lod, Acco, Yafo, and other towns that the fighters of 1948 died for. Wake up and see that Jews have not been allowed to walk on the Temple … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Unless something unexpected happens – Hezbollah joins in or Hamas succeeds in creating a mass-casualty incident in Israel – the war between Israel and Hamas will be over in a few days at most, ended by a cease-fire encouraged by … Continue reading

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