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A discussion at the seder table

So we are sitting around the seder table with our American Uncle Max and he says, [I] remain convinced that a two-state solution is the only outcome that would quell ongoing incidents of violence, maintain Israel as a secure, Jewish … Continue reading

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Why is Israel losing American Jewish youth?

Yesterday, Jewish activists belonging to the “If Not Now” (INN) group, a more-militant offshoot of J Street, held a demonstration in Washington outside the annual AIPAC policy conference, and even blocked the doors of the convention center for a time. … Continue reading

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No deal, Donald

Donald Trump likes deals. He likes the idea of brokering a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, and thinks that he can do it. He can’t, and here’s why: The insurmountable obstacle to a deal is that the essence of … Continue reading

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But seriously…

On Friday, Israeli aircraft bombed targets in Syria in order to prevent the transfer of what PM Netanyahu called “advanced weapons” from Iran to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. This has occurred on numerous prior occasions, and there has been no … Continue reading

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Lieberman’s verbal bombing run

If you’re not catching flak, then you’re not over the target. And one good way to know that we are scoring points is when our enemies start screaming bloody murder. So back in 2002, when Israel started building its security … Continue reading

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