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Obama sinks to new low in anti-Netanyahu campaign

Relations between blacks and Jews in the US have been poor since 1968, when the New York teachers strike pitted the overwhelmingly Jewish United Federation of Teachers against a black community-controlled school board. The traditional flirtation of the black community … Continue reading

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Why Netanyahu will go to America

As the discussion of PM Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the US to speak before Congress heats up on both sides of the world, I received an email from an Israeli correspondent. In part, he wrote, …one could ask why is … Continue reading

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Time to get serious and crush radical Islam

You may know that Da’esh recently released a video of the execution of the Jordanian pilot that they captured in December. After his capture, they asked for suggestions for the best way to kill him, and the method they chose, … Continue reading

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Netanyahu pulls ahead

A recent poll has PM Netanyahu pulling away from his challengers in Israel’s election, which is to be held on March 7. Here is the view from the Left: With the election just over 40 days away, the current electoral … Continue reading

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The uppity Jew card

If we needed any further evidence that President Obama has it in for PM Netanyahu — in a very special way, with a bitterness that he doesn’t express toward Vladimir Putin or Ali Khamenei — his administration’s behavior in connection … Continue reading

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