Wake Up, Israel!

Wake up, Israel, and smell the burning synagogues and Jewish homes in Lod, Acco, Yafo, and other towns that the fighters of 1948 died for.

Wake up and see that Jews have not been allowed to walk on the Temple Mount for 18 days, the Temple Mount that the fighters of 1967 died for.

Wake up and hear that the roads of the Negev are infested by bandits, and that a Jew who enters an Arab town or an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem risks being beaten to death.

Wake up and learn that Israel is not a sovereign state. Its laws and court decisions can be overridden by the antisemitic “international community,” and its military campaigns ended by fiats from Washington.

Wake up and understand that we are not in control. Hamas demanded – they demanded! – that Jews be kept from the Temple Mount and from living in the Shimon haTzadik neighborhood of Jerusalem. Our politicians say that the cease-fire with Hamas was unconditional. We will know in the next few weeks whether they were telling the truth, or whether they have given in to the enemy’s demands.

Our enemies are taking our country and our sovereignty from us, bit by bit. They have been trying to force Jews to flee from Judea and Samaria by terrorism since 1967, and now they are using similar tactics in places with mixed Jewish-Arab populations. They are burning our synagogues, homes, and cars in an attempt to take back what they lost in 1948. If Jews flee from Lod, from Acco and Yafo, they will become Arab cities like Ramallah where Jews will be afraid to go.

Israel’s War of Independence did not end in 1949. Israel’s leadership was divided then over the question of whether to expel the Arabs, and despite what the Arabs say, there was no general policy of ethnic cleansing. That was a mistake: there should have been. In 1967, when the Temple Mount was captured, Moshe Dayan said that he didn’t want “all that Vatican.” A “status quo” was established, giving Muslims rights on the mount at the expense of our sovereignty. Jerusalem Arabs expected to be expelled, as the Jordanians had done to every Jew in the territory that they conquered in 1948, because that’s how it’s done in the Middle East. But we didn’t want to be Middle Eastern. We thought we could be a “villa in the jungle.” That was another mistake.

Hamas is trying to drive us from southern Israel with their rockets. They fired more than 4,000 rockets at Jewish towns and cities, killing at least 12 people and injuring dozens, destroying homes and property, supposedly because Jews tried to assert their authority over violent rioters on the Temple Mount, and because Israel tried to evict four Arab families that had refused to pay rent to the Jewish owners of the property for decades. It’s all connected.

Israel’s response was, as always, cut short by a command from the American president. The IDF collapsed some tunnels and killed some of Hamas’ officers and weapons development personnel. It bombed the (empty) houses of Hamas leaders. It destroyed some weapons and some manufacturing facilities. But the infection remains. It will take a while, but it will come back. It always has. With the connivance of our leadership – in the name of maintaining quiet – money will be pumped into the strip, tunnels and weapons factories will be rebuilt. It will take time, but they have patience, and their Iranian patrons will have money. They will come back. They always do.

Israel is many times stronger than Hamas. We control their electricity and water supply. The threat could be ended once and for all, the way it’s done in the Middle East. That would be tough on the residents of Gaza, but the “international community” which is so concerned for them could step up and help them find new homes, in underpopulated Jordan, Europe, and North America. But we prefer to make mistakes, one after another. We prefer to suffer, even die, ourselves if the alternative is to cause suffering to others.

We must stop the incremental loss of our land and sovereignty. The gains of 1967 are being erased as I write, and after them will come what was achieved in 1948 at such great cost. If we don’t act, in the way that a Middle Eastern country must in order to survive, we will lose everything.

We can turn it around. Nobody expected that we would win in 1948 or 1967, but we did. This time it will be a different kind of struggle, a conceptual struggle to confront reality and deal with it. A struggle that will not begin until we wake up.

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6 Responses to Wake Up, Israel!

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    You understate the accomplishments of the Israeli Defense forces. This was a one-sided knockout of the major resources of Hamas. It was also a deterrence signal to Hizbollah of what they might expect should they open what I agree would be a far more devastating war.
    Hamas invested heavily in building a naval force, in drones, in the tunnels. They were beaten back at every major new offensive. The kind of destruction they suffered will not be repaired overnight. Their people are in greater misery than before and their leaders homeless.
    I understand this is a partial response to your claims about our losing our sovereignty.
    But Israel’s capacity to defend the Jewish people of Israel is in this case proven. I do not wish to even begin to speak about what true Jewish defenceless has meant many times in our history.

  2. nudnikJR says:

    It is obvious that the Israelis do not have a strategic vision. Perhaps they never have had one. All the victories since the Declaration of Independence, great as many have been, are tactical victories, not strategic. A strategic victory is one where you totally defeat the enemy so that he never tries again.
    You have said it succinctly, Israelis do not act as Middle Easterners. I think this is related to the fact that Ashkenazi Jews have ruled the State since its inception. Even now, not one Jewish party has a non Ashkenazi at its head. Is it because the Ashkenazis still harbor a superior complex to the Mizrahis? (By the way, I am neither A nor M). Many, if not most, Ashkenazi leaders still have a galut mentality and I despair that they will never act as Middle Easterners (or, in your words, wake up) short of impending annihilation.

  3. nudnikJR says:

    I need to add to my earlier post.
    The one Jewish party that does have a non Ashkenazi at its head is Shas. However, they are a special case, since they are part of the Haredim who really follow their own rules with only slight interaction with the State.

  4. sabashimon says:

    It kills people to say it, but Rabbi Meir Kahane was right all along.

  5. Ian says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I don’t understand why, after all this time, the leadership of Israel is not taking concrete steps to end this terrible cycle. “When you are kind when you should be cruel, you will be cruel when you should be kind”. Dark days are ahead for Israel unless they can stop the Arabs who are hell bent on destroying the “Zionist experiment”.

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