Dear President Abbas

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is calling for an international commission of inquiry to investigate the terrorist attack, presumably by Jewish militants, that took the life of an 18-month old baby and severely injured his parents and siblings in the village of Duma, in Samaria.

Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian Authority

Dear President Abbas,

I’m writing to express my horror at the vicious terror attack that occurred yesterday in Duma, and my hopes that the survivors will have a full and speedy recovery. I’m sure that virtually all Israelis join me in this.

You see, we know how you feel.

I can only imagine how the surviving members of the Dawabsha family feel, but there are countless remnants of Jewish families ripped apart by terrorism who don’t need to imagine.

For at least a hundred years, Palestinian Arabs have been murdering our children, our athletes (you personally know something about that one), our bus passengers, pizza eaters, disco-goers and random Jews in the wrong place at the wrong time. They’ve been shot, stabbed, blown up, beaten or burned to death, or had their throats slit. Whole families, like the Dawabshas, have been destroyed.

You have sent your bestial terrorist filth out to kill us and then welcomed them back, dripping blood, as heroes.

And it turns out, not so surprisingly, that we have bestial terrorist filth amongst us as well. What did you expect? After a hundred years of terrorism directed at us, some members of our nation have learned to imitate yours.

We’re human too. We have our criminals, our assassins, and even our terrorists. Of course we don’t treat them as heroes. We don’t broadcast incitement on our radio and television stations. Rabbis don’t exhort their congregations every Shabbat to go out and kill Arabs. We don’t hand out sweets when a murder is committed.

Our security forces will surely catch the perpetrators and our society will spit them out. They will be punished, perhaps even more severely than Arab terrorists. Terrorism is terrorism.

Good luck with the UN. I’m sure they will be happy to set up your commission of inquiry, something they’ve never done after any of the hundreds of incidents of murderous Arab terrorism.


Abu Yehuda

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2 Responses to Dear President Abbas

  1. sabashimon says:

    My thoughts exactly

  2. GratefulDina says:

    I can’t help but thinking about those who think that Jews, especially those in Israel, “deserve” being terrorized , and that the perpetrators are showing a “natural reaction” to oppression – and that Arabs being terrorized is just one more “proof” of how blood-thirsty Jews are, regardless of the condemnations by other Jews. I’m depressed.

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