What We Must Tell Blinken

With the resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip, American Secretary of State Blinken has informed Israel of the restrictions under which the US will permit her to operate. No displacement of the civilian population, and fewer civilian casualties (although there are no numbers except those that come directly from Hamas). No bombing hospitals or schools, even when they are in fact sanctuaries for Hamas troops. No cutting off the supply of fuel, which Hamas uses to keep its tunnels lighted and ventilated. Nevertheless, we are told to finish up the war quickly, because our “credit” is running out. And just in case anyone thought that it should someday be possible for Israeli children to sleep peacefully in the communities of the Western Negev, no security zone on the Gazan side of the border, and no Israeli security control of Gaza. The implied threat is that if Israel goes “off the reservation,” the US will not supply her with essential ammunition and spare parts for our American weapons systems, nor veto hostile resolutions in the UN Security Council.

I don’t know how Israel has responded to these demands, made to our war cabinet where Mr. Blinken apparently has the right to sit. But I know how I think we should answer. And so I submit the following:

Dear Secretary Blinken,

We appreciate the support we receive from America in our war against the genocidal Hamas. We appreciate that you seem to understand that these monsters must be removed from power in Gaza, from which they have promised to repeat again and again the atrocities they committed against our people on 7 October, atrocities that were proportionally twenty times greater than those perpetrated against the US on 9/11. But despite your understanding, you insist on placing restrictions on how we may fight; indeed, on micromanaging the war for us.

Let us speak frankly: you are asking us, in the short term, to trade the lives of our soldiers for those of Gazan civilians, and you are measuring our performance in meeting this demand with numbers supplied by Hamas! You are asking us to fight in a way that at best will only partially defeat Hamas. You say you want Hamas removed from power, but the likely outcome of following your instructions will not accomplish that. You are asking us to fight in a way that Americans never have and never would. This is not how you fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

In the longer term, you are asking us to give up the entire Western Negev, which will become uninhabitable by Jews unless we retain security control of Gaza and unless we can establish a buffer zone between it and our population. You even aspire to create a unified, sovereign Palestinian state in all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, something that would shortly bring about the end of the Jewish state.

We do not accept your restrictions and micromanagement of the war, and we will not trade the lives of our soldiers for anyone, not Gazans (who overwhelmingly support murderous violence against Jews, whether by Hamas or other groups), and not the electoral fortunes of the Obama-Biden faction of the Democratic Party.

We insist that when the war ends, appropriate conditions for the security of the Western Negev must be in place. And we must inform you that if you carry out your threat to cut off our supply of ammunition and parts for our modern American weapons, we will be forced to fight in less modern ways, and for much longer. The humanitarian crisis will, as a direct result, be far greater, and you will be responsible for it. Because we will not stop fighting what we see as an essential battle in the war for the survival of our nation and people, even if we have to fight with the most primitive of weapons.

We don’t have a choice. But you do. You can support us, or you can in effect support those who think that murder, torture, and rape are not only acceptable tactics, but praiseworthy. You can help us end the war quickly, or you can extend it, with all the pain and suffering that entails. But know this: either way, Hamas will not escape judgment.

Virtually Everyone in Israel

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8 Responses to What We Must Tell Blinken

  1. jack6543 says:

    A great letter. When Little Red Riding Hood was chased by the Big Bad Wolf, we didn’t negotiate with the wolf, we killed it. That is a lesson to be learned.

  2. jack6543 says:

    The Americans, Blinken in particular, wants us to follow American advice. Ok. In their experience they bombed Dresden and Hiroshima to win that war and lost Afghanistan by simply leaving the country in disgrace. Which scenario would Blinken like us to follow?

  3. NormanF says:

    Israel can’t leave Gaza; the Jewish blood shed taking it guarantees it won’t happen.

    The American demarche to Israel has had the opposite effect upon Israel; its led it to expand the war in Gaza.

    Israel’s villainous scum, knaves and traitors who engineered the deal with the devil themselves understand, if Israel’s doesn’t wipe out Hamas, they’re gone.

    As for the Americans, Israel should tell Biden and Blinken to mind their own business and Israel, not they will decide the outcome of the war.

    Its not going to be the one they prefer but they’re not running Israel and as it should be, they’ve no say over the country’s future.

  4. Ian says:

    As an American Zionist who live in Israel for a year, many years ago, I have always been disturbed by the dependence Israel has had on American weaponry. Such dependence had give the Americans a loud voice at the table – always, in my opinion, to the detriment of Israeli security. It is my great hope that the cruelty and evil shown by Hamas to Israeli men, women and children will, as suggested in this letter to Blinken, be the motivation for Israel to bear any burden necessary for a complete and unambiguous victory over Hamas in Gaza and wherever else they have set up shop. Not only will this go a long way in reestablishing Israel’s deterrence and security, and providing both Palestinian and Israeli civilians with peace and prosperity but it will establish Israel as a fully sovereign state answerable to no one but its own citizens.

  5. nudnikJR says:

    You are, without doubt, correct in your response to the blinkered Blinken and the entire administration of Hussein Obama.
    However, who is going “to speak truth to power”.
    Bibi, and the entire cabal who have been “mowing the lawn” since 2007?
    Gantz, who signed off on allowing 20,000 Gazans to work in Israel?
    Ashkenazi, who refused a direct order to bomb Iran, when it was significantly simpler than now?
    Haliva, the arch criminal, as shown clearly in Caroline Glick’s devastating exposé, for whom a life sentence would be too lenient?
    Dozens, of the IDF General Staff, Security officers and fellow travelling politicians?
    I’m not holding my breath!

    • It’s probably not a good idea to replace the government and military leadership in the middle of a war. However, I’m sure there will be massive changes afterwards (assuming that we don’t just segue into another war with Hezbollah and Iran).
      Let’s hope that the public understands that Gantz, et al, can’t be trusted as a Bibi-replacement.

      • sabashimon says:

        Of course we will segue into another war with Hezbollah. Do you have an alternative to creating a situation where over 100,000 Israelis might return to their homes in the north? Will you trust that the international community will somehow be able/willing to keep Hezbollah away from our northern border?
        Nope….there is no alternative to war with Hezbollah.

  6. The Man In The High Castle says:

    Exactly what Ian said.

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