Watch a Palestinian terrorist commit murder (discretion advised)

Watch this security camera video.



A 25-year old woman, Dalia Lemkus of Tekoa, is standing to the right of the bus stop structure, near the road. The terrorist’s car swings wide, strikes her and knocks her back onto the shoulder near the structure. At 0:13 we see her get up and stumble toward the road, where she falls again. Then at about 0:20, we see the terrorist (dark jacket), who has stopped his car beyond the bus stop, running back to his victim. He viciously murders the already injured woman at 0:24, cutting her throat. Then he runs across the road at about 0:32, looking for more victims. At 0:39-0:44 he chases and attacks a man in the road (light colored vest), who defends himself but is lightly injured. At 0:44 a security guard appears, confronts the terrorist, and fires at least two shots at him. The terrorist then runs back across the road with the guard in pursuit. At about 1:45, we see more security personnel arriving.

Now that you have seen this, here is a snippet from yesterday’s State Department press briefing, where Jen Psaki asks Israel to exercise restraint:

MS. PSAKI: So let me just speak to all of them. We strongly condemn the stabbings – the stabbing today in the West Bank and we deeply regret the loss of life. Our condolences go out to the victim’s family. It is absolutely critical that parties take every possible measure to protect civilians and de-escalate tensions.

We are also seeking additional information surrounding the incident of the Israeli Arab who was shot with – who was shot as well with a live bullet.* We’re looking for information surrounding this incident. We’re in touch – close touch with the ministry of justice. And of course, we urge all parties to exercise restraint. Obviously, these events happened over the course of the last 12 to 24 hours, so I don’t have more details than what’s been out there at this point.

QUESTION [Matt Lee, AP]: All right. I’m just going to assume – but correct me if I’m wrong – that when you say all parties’ restraint, you’re talking about the – who are you talking about?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we’re talking about the Israelis, the Palestinians – any who are involved in these tension-raising, rhetoric-raising incidents.

QUESTION: Okay. But, I mean, if you’re standing at a bus stop or something and someone runs a car into you or comes up and stabs you, I don’t know how – I mean, those people aren’t – don’t need to exercise restraint, do they?

No, Jen, they don’t.

* The “live bullet” incident refers to the shooting of a Palestinian who attacked a police car several times with a knife. When an officer got out, video shows that he may have turned to run away when he was shot at a distance of about three meters. It is certainly an open question whether the policeman used excessive force, and it is impossible to second-guess his actions on the basis of a video. Three meters is not very far when a perpetrator is holding a knife.

In any case, this is a matter for Israeli authorities to determine, not the US State Department. Can you imagine Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry demanding an investigation of US police, who seem to be involved in questionable shootings on a daily basis?

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4 Responses to Watch a Palestinian terrorist commit murder (discretion advised)

  1. shalom-hillel says:

    Who isn’t sick to death of this adminitration’s predictable “even-handed” rhetoric. Palestinians stabbing people at bus stops and running mothers with baby carriages down, and they spout more nonsense about all sides exercising restraint. They should be saying the incitement by the PA must stop immediately or there will be s price to pay. For Israel the best thing to do at this point is to name each new building project in Judea and Samaria for a murdered Israeli, and make them large and expansive. It becomes clearer and clearer every single day; by any moral measure, these people do not deserve a state.

  2. Robman says:

    What’s interesting here is even the usually anti-Israel media – in this case, AP – is pressing the State Dept. spokesperson on this.

    Obama’s extreme anti-Israel bias as reflected by his hired lackeys is even getting to be more than they can stomach.

    This is a good sign, amid so much tragedy.

  3. MDA says:

    “Can you imagine Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry demanding an investigation of US police, who seem to be involved in questionable shootings on a daily basis?”

    Really and Seriously that is exactly what needs to be done.

  4. Robman,

    I wouldn’t say the AP in general is getting better. Matt Lee is an example of an increasingly rare phenomenon: a professional journalist. He isn’t a pro-Israel partisan — he gives everyone the hardest possible time.

    Many AP reporters are the usual products of the US system of “higher education,” about which I don’t have to tell you!

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