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State and White House contradict Gen. Dempsey on Gaza

When Israel launched Operation Protective Edge to stop the flood of rockets being launched at its cities, and particularly when it mounted a short ground operation to locate and destroy infiltration tunnels under the border, there was the predictable response … Continue reading

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The signature terrorism of Mahmoud Abbas

Nobody doubts today that Nobel Prize-winning terrorist Yasser Arafat was, well, a terrorist. Even after the signing of the Oslo accords in which the PLO promised to renounce terrorism, Arafat continued to call for Jihad in Arabic. In a 2001 … Continue reading

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Yet another terrorist van attack

This happened last night near Gush Etzion on highway 60. I have rarely seen anything so horrible. From The Muqata: Three Israeli soldiers were injured, one seriously and two moderately. The Muqata reports that the army found the van used … Continue reading

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Terror attacks don’t just happen

There was another automotive terror attack in Jerusalem today, when Ibrahim al-Akari of Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood plowed his van into a crowd waiting at a light rail station on Shimon Hatzadik Street. This time one person was killed and 14 … Continue reading

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Goldberg struggles to defend administration nonsense

Jeffrey Goldberg, the journalist who broke the ‘chickenshit‘ story, tried to put a good face on the Obama Administration’s pretense of frustration with PM Netanyahu. Let’s see why his — and the administration’s — position doesn’t make sense. The Israeli … Continue reading

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