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The saddest story in today’s news

Every morning I take a short walk to pick up my newspaper. It makes me feel a part of the country to read a Hebrew newspaper, and it helps to improve my Hebrew. Today I read about Putin announcing his … Continue reading

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Two peoples divided by a common religion

The just-released Pew Survey (“Israel’s Religiously Divided Society”) contains some fascinating data. While most commentators are making a big deal over the fact that about half of Jewish Israelis agreed that “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel” – … Continue reading

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They Must Go (apologies to M. Kahane)

I started to write this while listening to the news on the radio Tuesday evening. There were three terror attacks in three hours today, two stabbings, one shooting. At least one person is dead, more than ten wounded, half of … Continue reading

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Miri Regev does not “Love the Juice”

TRIGGER WARNING: This post includes a photo of a remarkably vulgar performance. Ari Shavit: But now I am ashamed. I look at my government and my capital and feel deep disgrace. Who are these hoodlums who have taken over the … Continue reading

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The most effective message: don’t mess with us

We complain a lot about Israel’s continuing defeats in the information arena. Why is it that a country that is so good at technology and commerce, a people that gave birth to two great religions, a culture that enjoys perhaps … Continue reading

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