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What to expect from the Netanyahu/Obama meeting

As I write this, PM Netanyahu is in Washington, preparing for his scheduled meeting with President Obama today. The Washington Post reports that The leaders plan to discuss how to counter Iranian aid to Hezbollah and Hamas; the Russian and … Continue reading

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Has the URJ become an enemy of the Jewish people?

Reform Judaism, represented by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), is now the largest Jewish denomination in the US and Canada, claiming 2.2 million members out of the estimated total of 6.5 million Jews in those countries. You would expect … Continue reading

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How to end the intifada — for good

Although the perpetrators of the recent terrorist incidents are mostly young people not associated with terror organizations whose actions are not explicitly ordered by the Palestinian Arab leadership, they are nevertheless part of a planned campaign that is orchestrated by … Continue reading

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Jewish grandmothers should not be targets

Rehovot is not spiritual Jerusalem or fashionable and exciting Tel Aviv. It is a place where mostly middle-income people live and go to work. It’s well within the 1949 armistice lines, and not right next to any large Arab towns. … Continue reading

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The Israeli Left’s ongoing reality show

The thing about the Israeli Left is that they only talk to each other, so they are shocked, shocked, when a remark that seems to them totally normal strikes regular people as beyond the pale. Take the recent Facebook post … Continue reading

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