Dear Arabs

Dear Arabs,

The truth is we aren’t writing this for you, because you probably aren’t listening. But these things need to be said.

We are not going to lecture you about how the Jewish people are the original inhabitants of the land and you are newcomers, colonialists even. All that is true, but we don’t want to argue theoretically. We want to talk tachlis (you’ve been here long enough to know what that means).

You have been sold a false bill of goods by your leaders, who have grown fat over the years by maintaining the fiction that you are going to throw us out of the Land of Israel. They’ve been handsomely paid by anti-Zionists everywhere, from Hitler to the KGB to the Saudis to the Iranian regime to George Soros to the EU to Barack Obama.

You are not going to throw us out.

First of all, there are more of us. There is an absolute majority of Jews living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, even if we use your inflated population figures and even if we count Gaza. We are not the French colonists in Algeria or the Crusaders. Our birthrate is high and increasing, and yours is decreasing. Jews are moving here from the rest of the world, and Arabs are leaving.

Second, there is no place for us to go. The roughly 50% of our population that is descended from Jewish refugees from Arab countries are not going back to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. (so much, by the way, for calling us ‘European colonialists’). Ethiopian Jews can’t go back to Ethiopia. And nobody else is going anywhere.

Third, we have a deep religious connection to the land. Our bible is a story about the relationship between God, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel. The har habayit is the location of our holy temples, and our patriarchs are buried here (even if you set fire to their tombs). Don’t tell me about Mohammed’s horse.

Fourth (and this is important, pay attention), if you try to hurt us, you are going to die. This isn’t the way we want to be, but this is what necessity demands. This is what we have finally learned from our history.

Think for yourselves for once. Don’t listen to Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh or Raed Saleh. Especially don’t trust the Jewish traitors like those who write in Ha’aretz or who are on the payroll of Soros, Obama or the EU. They care even less for Arabs than your billionaire leaders do.

Before you take a knife or an ax and go out to kill a Jew, think about this: you will die and it won’t bring your objective even a little bit closer.

We don’t want to kill you, expel you, or humiliate you. We would be happy to live peacefully as neighbors. But we are prepared to fight for our land.

This is the state of the Jewish people in its historic homeland and Jerusalem is its capital. We insist on maintaining our sovereignty here. If you can’t deal with this, move. Go to Jordan (the original ‘Palestinian’ state), to Europe, South America, Australia, the United States. But we are not going anywhere.

The Jewish people in the Land of Israel

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4 Responses to Dear Arabs

  1. AJ Raalte says:


  2. Keefe Goldfisher says:

    Hope we’re not the only ones who believe this! Watching from afar, in America, I’ve had this sentiment for 50 years. About 30 years ago, I started to wonder how Oslo could have happened and why we Jews seemed to flag on insisting on this simple truth, especially since the wars against us have been unending. It will be a terrible but necessary thing to have to insist on it again–that guests in our home do not presume to tell us how we will live.

  3. Nancy B says:

    So well said and I love your writing style!

    I am disgusted about this:,7340,L-4712189,00.html

    This article is from August but I remain infuriated that Obama did this:

    All the attempts that Congress made last Feb. through April to prevent the $500 million of funds allocated for donation to the PA, even though, 75 senators signed a letter reminding Kerry & Obama that current US appropriations law prohibited economic assistance to the Palestinians if they initiated or “actively supported” a war crimes investigation against Israeli nationals. Obama blocked them and signed off with use of his executive authority and the claim that ‘national security waivers applied’. Now 56 members of Congress have submitted a new letter in support of not releasing funds but I am not hopeful that Obama won’t pull the same crap.

    How my country continues to send huge sums of money to these murderous jihadist crooks is beyond deeply disappointing. So my tax dollars are a party to the monthly payments to the killers as well. Obama’s foreign policy & ideology has proven to be beyond catastrophic but if he sends more money to the PA I will have no alternative but to consider him their supporter in chief – and pure evil personified.

  4. Shalom Freedman says:

    This piece speaks for me and I believe for the great majority of Jews in Israel. But of course as you indicate the Arabs and the Islamic world are not going to listen to it. In fact the whole culture of lying to themselves, of self- deception and illusion is driving them into greater and greater violence against themselves.

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