Yet another terrorist van attack

This happened last night near Gush Etzion on highway 60. I have rarely seen anything so horrible. From The Muqata:

Three Israeli soldiers were injured, one seriously and two moderately. The Muqata reports that the army found the van used in the attack and they know the identities of the terrorists. Let’s hope that they are found soon — and that they aren’t taken alive.

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3 Responses to Yet another terrorist van attack

  1. anneinpt says:

    Today davka the Shin Bet were reporting that “it might have been an accident after all”. I’m not convinced one iota. The “accident” was all too convenient and just “happened” to hit those soldiers. There was no discernible reason for the van to have swerved off to the side of the road. Several cars had passed by just before and no one had skidded on oil or swerved to avoid an obstacle.

    I don’t know what motivation the Shin Bet had to deny it was an attack. Political machinations to keep the temperature down?

  2. Maybe turning themselves in is a new strategy. Be a soldier rather than a martyr. After all, it was probably a matter of hours before the guy would be in the hands of the security forces, who might be inclined to shoot at the slightest provocation (I would). Assuming that he is found guilty, he will be imprisoned with other ‘security prisoners’ where he can prepare himself physically, mentally and spiritually to go back to terrorism on his release. Who knows, maybe there will another Gilad Shalit affair and he will find himself outside even sooner!

    • anneinpt says:

      Yep. And meanwhile he gets 3 meals a day, a university education and probably a salary from Abbas and a pension for his family. What possible downside is there?

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