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UK Parliament favors recognition of Palestine

News item: After a four-hour debate during which over 50 MPs spoke, the British Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of the government recognizing Palestine as a state on Monday night. The ayes had it when 274 MPs voted to adopt … Continue reading

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Reconsider the loyalty oath

One of the interesting things about the State of Israel is that it is suffused with people that hate it and want to destroy it. Some Jerusalem Arabs, for example, are doing their best to destroy the light rail system … Continue reading

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Was the Parchin explosion an Israeli air strike?

Here you can see before/after satellite photos of the Iranian Parchin nuclear development facility which recently was the location of a huge explosion in which at least two workers were killed. Parchin is the place where the Iranians are suspected … Continue reading

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These are not the old ‘American values’

News item: WASHINGTON — The White House remained firmly behind its criticism of Israeli settlement construction and pushed back on Monday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s retort that the US rebuke goes “against American values.” White House spokesman Josh Earnest … Continue reading

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Europe loves ‘Palestine’

European governments, in part responding to pressure to appeal to Muslim residents, to appease oil-producing nations — who haven’t stopped wanting to weaken Israel despite their worries about Iran — or perhaps because of anti-Jewish feelings that are under the … Continue reading

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How not to treat an ally

From President Obama’s remarks before meeting with PM Netanyahu: I think we also recognize that we have to find ways to change the status quo so that both Israeli citizens are safe in their own homes and schoolchildren in their … Continue reading

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