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The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is Back

Do human stupidity and wickedness have any bounds? After reading the comprehensive Wikipedia article about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, I have to answer a resounding “no.” The Protocols, from its its first publication in Russia in 1903 … Continue reading

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Should American Jews Worry About Antisemitism?

A recent survey tells us that more than 90% of American Jews are “concerned” about antisemitism, and almost half of them have experienced it either directly, or “through family or friends.” I wondered if things were better or worse for … Continue reading

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Disappearing the Jews

On any scale of importance, the absurdity that the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures somehow ignored the fact that Jews, most of them running from antisemitic Eastern Europe, created the industry ex nihilo in the face of still more … Continue reading

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“The Axis” vs. the Jews of Judea and Samaria

Psychological warfare is not all that different in organization from the kinetic kind. There are campaigns and objectives. Recently the objective of our enemies – the Arab-European axis of antisemitism – has been to destroy the legitimacy of the Jewish … Continue reading

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Life in the Stone Age

Almost every day that passes sees attempts to murder Jews, because they are Jews. Some of these can even be called attempts at mass murder. No, I am not only talking about rockets launched from the Gaza strip and aimed … Continue reading

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My Brush with Censorship

For the past seven years I’ve written a regular column for a newsletter that is distributed several times a year by the Jewish Federation in my home town in California. I write about what’s going on in Israel, explain our … Continue reading

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Understanding Israel-Hatred

The state of Israel has been in existence only for 73 years. The Zionist project has been around for somewhat longer, beginning in the 19th century. Since 1860, some 116,000 Jews and Arabs have lost their lives in wars, terrorism, … Continue reading

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Two Principles

All of my writing is informed by two principles. The first, both logically and rhetorically, is that there is no moral principle more important than the value of preserving the Jewish people. This is axiomatic for me: if we don’t … Continue reading

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