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A Short History of an Interminable Conflict

In 1948 the state was declared as the British colonialists finally left, and the ensuing war was called the “War of Independence.” Most wars of independence are fought directly against the former colonial power, but ours was a proxy war. … Continue reading

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The Manufactured Outrage over “Annexation”

Annexation. The word is spat out with such vitriol that one would think that what is contemplated is mass murder. From Mahmoud Abbas to Jordan’s King Abdullah, to the European Union, to Justin Trudeau, the condemnations, warnings, and threats continue … Continue reading

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Two Books

On rare occasions I read something and experience the writer opening doors to understanding phenomena that hitherto mystified me. Or perhaps a book makes me see that my present ideas about something are entirely wrong. Or it gives words and … Continue reading

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Our Soft Enemy

Israel has many enemies. There are our “hard enemies” that fight us with weapons and explosives. And then there is the European Union. The European Union is an organization of monumental size and bureaucratic complexity. It has been compared to … Continue reading

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Annex it Already

Discussions of “annexation” by Israel’s new unity government have triggered shrieks of outrage from the usual suspects, from Mahmoud Abbas to the EU to Joe Biden. The Arab League announced that it would be a “new war crime…against the Palestinian … Continue reading

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