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Will Putin Shoot the Hostages? (Updated 1 March)

For the last few days it’s been impossible for me to think about anything other than the war in Ukraine: Full-scale warfare in Europe. Europe! I know I’m showing my “white” bias, because after all, millions have died in vicious … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu, Putin, and the Iran Deal

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while … Continue reading

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Our Strategy – or Theirs?

In the context of Israel’s security situation, somebody recently told me to be more cheerful, because there have been worse times. Leaving aside the question (which my wife would answer in the negative) of whether I am capable of cheerfulness, … Continue reading

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How Not to Treat an Enemy

News item: Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced on Wednesday that Israel would implement a series of measures intended to prop up the indebted Palestinian Authority and ease Palestinians’ daily life. … Israel will provide the PA with a NIS 100 … Continue reading

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How to Remove the Iranian Threat

I devoutly hope that what I am about to write is completely wrong. Nothing could make me happier than to find out that I’ve been fooled by the clever misdirection of our military leaders, and that in fact they are … Continue reading

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Strengthening the Walls of the Ghetto

This morning I sat down with my newspaper, my coffee, and my cat, to read that the IDF held a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the completion of the massive and sophisticated barrier on the border (or whatever it is) … Continue reading

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Yes, Israel Can Attack Iran

Did you ever notice how from time to time a particular theme appears simultaneously in various media? One that I’ve seen a lot of lately is “Israel doesn’t have the ability to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, so we need to … Continue reading

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Behind Biden’s Iran Policy

What does the Biden Administration actually want? One might think it is that Iran will not make nuclear weapons. But it’s more complicated than that. To try to answer the question, I looked at a recent article in America’s own … Continue reading

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