Good morning, International Community

Good morning, International Community.

I understand that the Secretary-General of your “United Nations” is distressed about a possible humanitarian crisis in the Gaza strip. “I urge all sides and the relevant parties to allow United Nations access to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians trapped and helpless in the Gaza Strip,” said Antonio Guterres yesterday.

No, you will not be allowed access. You are advised to prepare to receive a flow of refugees at the Egyptian border, where you will need to provide food and shelter for them, as well as transportation to any country that will receive them. They will not be returning to Gaza.

You will be responsible for them, because you are directly responsible for the creation of the cultural pathology that gave rise to the outburst of pure evil that occurred last week. You are the reason that the displacement of a relatively small number of Arabs from Eretz Yisrael in 1948 was turned into a permanent and exponentially growing population dependent on the international dole and a festering sore of the most vicious hatred and terrorism.

While the millions of refugees created by WWII and the Holocaust, the breakup of the European empires, and the almost total expulsion of Jews from the Arab world were all absorbed in one fashion or another, this particular group of Arabs was encouraged by “humanitarian” policies to grow larger. Host countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon) applied true apartheid policies to them in order to prevent assimilation and to keep the pot of hatred boiling. No other “refugee” population exists for whom refugee status is hereditary. You paid for their food and healthcare, while accepting the idea that millions must “return” to a place from which a few hundred thousand fled 75 years ago. You paid for their “education,” while allowing it to become indoctrination in irredentism.

What did you expect to happen, International Community?

What did you expect would be the result of pouring billions every year into support for what is essentially a population created and nurtured to be a human wave to overwhelm the Jewish state?

Last week, the pustule burst and the infection flowed into our beautiful country, at enormous human cost. But we are not asking for aid to rebuild what your wards destroyed. We simply wish to be left alone to cauterize the wound. Over the past 75 years, you have demonstrated that you are part of the problem. We will not let you interfere with its solution.

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2 Responses to Good morning, International Community

  1. Ian says:

    First of all, thank you for your clear-eyed analysis and opinion during these unprecedented times. I’m sure that all of your readers agree that it is good to have you back. In regards to your comments today in “Good Morning, International Community”, I wonder if this invasion by Hamas is the event that will lead to the expulsion of Arabs from all of Israel, starting with Gaza. A large part of me loves the idea of expelling this fifth column, and shoring up border security but I just don’t see how the “international community” would “allow” it to happen. I will wait with baited breath to see if the Israeli government will finally stand up and do what must be done. I’m optimistic, but cautiously so. Please keep writing as your words and thoughts are more important now then ever. Am Israel Chai.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Well-said. Of course, it is all shocking, and yet not surprising. The world demanded Israel live with this madness for decades. Though we couldn’t imagine what it would look like, this is exactly what anyone who wanted to see could easily have predicted. We knew it could happen someday, but believed in Israel’s ability to always protect its people. And now they preach to Israel about human rights and international law? My user name here is Cassandra. I picked it because I’ve felt like Cassandra trying to get people in the U.S. to listen to me about the reality Israel faced. But so many refused to listen. They still don’t fully comprehend. The Palestinian cause is Hitlerism 2.0, and always was.

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