The Day After Election Day

It’s a rainy Wednesday morning in Rehovot, and the US election is undecided.

I have made my preference for Donald Trump clear. I understand the reasons that many Americans oppose him, but they are focusing on the media-amplified and distorted trees and ignoring the forest that is the worldwide struggle between competing hegemonies: the West (which mostly means the US today, when much of Europe is in decline), Islam, and China.

Yes, despite his sometimes ignorant pronouncements about scientific issues that he doesn’t understand, despite everything they don’t like about his personality, and even despite his undeniable dishonesty (not that his opponents are better in this respect), Trump is on the right side in the game that will determine how history will look for the next century or so.

What will be important in the very near future will be to stand against the Iranian attempt to establish a Shiite caliphate across the Middle East, against the further expansion of Chinese influence in East Asia and its extension into the rest of the world, against the Islamization of the US, and against the creation of a new Ottoman Empire. Trump has made his positions clear on the first three, although the jury is still out with respect to the last.

The pronouncements made by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as their choice of advisors, have indicated that they would return to the Mideast policy of the Obama Administration, including its tilt toward Iran, away from Israel and the Sunni Arab states. This would weaken the developing Israel-Sunni alliance, which represents the best hope for stability in the region.

Trump would be more likely to oppose immigration of unassimilable Muslims to the US, the phenomenon that has brought Western Europe to its knees. His determination to control America’s borders is laudable.

I devoutly hope the decision will be quick and unambiguous, but ultimately someone will win this election. So here is my advice to Americans about the aftermath:

Understand that there is a Constitution and there was an election. There will be a winner and a loser. Understand that your political opponents aren’t monsters. Mostly they are human beings who see things differently.

If Trump wins, deal with it. Don’t style yourselves “the resistance” and don’t try to remove him with extra-democratic measures. I would hope, but can’t imagine, that the mainstream media would stop the exaggerated attacks on him, the false accusations of racism, fascism, even antisemitism, and the repetition of outright lies like the “fine people” hoax. Unfortunately there is a real possibility of civil disturbances if Trump wins and widespread “Trump Derangement Syndrome” prevails.

If Biden wins – well, if Biden wins, I and others will continue our efforts to politely explain why the Obama-style foreign policy that he will doubtless adopt is dangerous to peace and liberty throughout the world. We will argue that America has real enemies that should be confronted and not appeased. Please listen.

There are those who think that red or blue states and regions should consider secession from the US if the wrong side wins. This is a terrible idea, which could only increase extremism on both sides, and weaken the nation in the face of its external enemies. In the worst case it could lead to civil war.

American Jews will be facing a difficult situation in the future, especially if Biden wins. Expressions of Jew-hatred have recently been increasing, from “traditional” antisemites like neo-Nazis, from Farrakhanists and Black Hebrews, from Muslim antisemites, and from the misozionists of the intersectional Left, whose hatred of Israel seamlessly flows into hatred of individual Jews. Biden and the Democrats seem to recognize only the traditional types, rendering invisible the black, Muslim, and extreme leftist Jew-haters (who vote Democratic). Moving closer to the Left is not a good survival strategy for Jews, who will find little sympathy there, no matter how loudly they curse Israel.

It’s interesting that while most British Jews dropped Labour like a hot potato thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, American Jews have stuck with the Democratic party despite the antisemitism of some of its members, and the decision by the leadership to pretend it doesn’t exist. The so-called squad of four BDS-supporting members of Congress have all been re-elected, and another BDS proponent, Cori Bush of Missouri, has joined them.

Trump – contrary to a determined misinformation campaign by his opponents – is not sympathetic to “right-wing” antisemitism, even if he doesn’t denounce it loudly and often enough to satisfy Democrats. And he has certainly demonstrated his pro-Israel credentials. A Trump win would be better for American Jews, despite what they think.

Just one more observation, this one for Israelis, including our General Staff:

With a Biden administration, Israel can expect that any military campaign – be it against Hezbollah, Hamas, or Iranian nuclear installations – will be much more difficult. The US, under the Obama administration, was quick to intervene diplomatically to pressure Israel to accept disadvantageous cease-fires, or even to prevent Israel from taking action at all. It is a reasonable assumption that Biden’s policy would be similar, especially in the case of Iran, with whom he wants to deal.

If Biden wins, the rational thing for Israel to do would be to take out the Iranian nuclear capability before it’s too late.


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6 Responses to The Day After Election Day

  1. sabashimon says:

    Vic, while you hit on most of the hot button issues that have infected this election cycle, the truth is the infection took hold four years ago when Trump won, and even before. While both side have their fair portion of blame, the far left, which has taken over the Democratic party, has completely gone off the rails in America. The vicious hatred and violence, exemplified by Antifa and the real BLM marxist organization, coupled with the sick acquiescence of Democrat mayors and governors, not to mention the absolute betrayal of the American People by the so-called legacy media and social media giants bodes ill for the future. The red herring of “White Supremacy” is just that, a red herring with zero substance, as that portion of America constitutes such a minuscule, non effectual percentage of the country as to barely discernible, and a complete non-factor in the American fabric. And pray tell, how many time does President Trump need to condemn and disavow that tiny but vile segment of the population? What a joke. Bald faced lies (ie; Charlottesville, etc ) continue to to be perpetuated and repeated shamelessly.
    Truth be told, there is no coming back from this abomination, and betrayal of the Constitution and civil behavior. The fact that once again 70-75% (at least) of American Jewry opted to vote for this demented and verifiably corrupt career politician who has literally accomplished nothing in his 47 years of “public service”, and who more to the point stands as the facade for an increasingly anti-Semitic national party, is beyond comprehension.
    From where I’m sitting, what this world is calling out for right now is a good flood.

  2. DonDavid says:

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    Agree. Israel should attack the Iranian sites before January 20, 2021. After that date, Israel’s chances for a successful outcome will become vasnishing small, not that they’re all that good now..

  3. Keefe Goldfisher says:

    President Trump’s toughness for a fight is legend, and he has a great instinct for the just position in a debate. Having a Harris presidency (dementia patients should not have nuclear codes) will lead to many things that even the constitution–not an impenetrable wall–and the Senate–a weak vessel for protecting it–cannot stop.

    The Democrats cheated in a big way this time. So obvious, that even the discredited media calling the race would not and should not cause acceptance of the results. The people who perpetrate this sort of fraud on a country… ARE monsters. All those who abet their cause may not be, but undoing a 1st and 2nd amendment, censoring news, propagandizing hoaxes, monitoring citizens, choking us into one-party rule, interfering in a person’s ability to work and have a different opinion… we would call the Soviets who did that monsters, the Chinese, the mullahs… anyone. They kill freedom.

    Obama was to pass the baton to Hillary, so there was no transfer of power to Trump. There should be no peaceful transfer of power to the monsters who put up a venial Biden as the Trojan horse for communism.

  4. Shalom Freedman says:

    The election for President has been decided. It is not the one most of us in Israel wanted.
    The next four years will be very difficult ones for Israel and for its leader.
    It may be correct to preempt Iran. I really do not know. I do however see the possibility of a Pyrrhic victory as the missiles of Iran, Syria, Hizbollah might cause us such great damage as to totally derail our society. I don’t know but I sometimes think we unfortunately have arrived already at the stage of mutual deterrence.

  5. sabashimon says:

    Shalom, not to sound too Don Quioteish but it ain’t over quite yet. This election has been stolen, now it’s just whether Trump’s lawyers can make the case, and whether the judges are listening. Israel’s not alone with their leftist, activist judges.

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