A threat and an ultimatum

Israel seems to have hopes that diplomatic action by the US or Russia or even the UN can or will restrain Iranian expansionism and threats against Israel. This is pointless, and indeed works in Iran’s favor by giving her time to build up her offensive capabilities, ultimately including nuclear ones.

Every day that goes by marks an improvement in Iran’s strategic position. The time for Israel to act is now.

Dear Mullahs,

In response to the various threats that you have made directly and via Hezbollah, be aware that:

  1. We see Hezbollah as a military arm of your regime, and hold you fully responsible for its actions.
  2. Our evaluation of your capabilities is that even if you activated all of your ground, missile and other forces in your country, Syria, and Lebanon in a first strike against us, you would not succeed in destroying our country or ending our ability to fight. Nevertheless, the cost to us from such an attack would be high, and we will not permit it to happen. We issue the following warning to deter you from the attempt:
  3. As has been made clear, the actions we would be forced to take against your military infrastructure in Lebanon would result in massive destruction and a great number of civilian casualties there (possibly in the tens of thousands). But we understand that you are courageous enough to fight to the last Lebanese or Syrian, so:
    In addition to the necessary tactical actions to destroy your rocket launchers, tunnels, etc. on our northern borders, an attack on us will trigger a strategic response against your homeland, including military installations, nuclear facilities, major cities and national infrastructure. Not only would you lose your chance of establishing a Shia caliphate across the region, your country would essentially cease to exist as a modern nation.
    You would be personally responsible for the worst thing that happened to the Persian people since the Mongol invasion of the 13th Century. And you would be dead, along with tens of millions of others.
  4. We believe the situation today is unstable and must be deescalated in order to avoid the horrific consequences that could result from further aggression. Therefore, we are presenting you with an ultimatum:
  5. We will offer you the chance to dismantle your military infrastructure on our northern borders. If you adhere to the timetable that will be presented, we will take no further action. But if not, we will systematically begin destroying those capabilities that we believe present a threat to our country, in Lebanon, Syria and Iran herself. The choice is up to you.
  6. Our people will be calling your people to inform you of the steps that you will need to take to deescalate the situation. They are all professionals, so I’m sure everything will go smoothly.

In all seriousness,

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