A culture of hate and its ‘Terror Children’

Israelis are used to waking up to news reports of horrific murders, sometimes mass murders, but the slaughter of 38-year old Dafna Meir, in her own home and in front of her children by a teenage Arab terrorist has been exceptionally painful for the nation. Meir, a mother of four who also had two foster children, was a nurse at a Beer Sheva hospital where she cared for all of her patients, Arab and Jew, with devotion and professionalism.

The murderer apparently sneaked into the community of Otniel in the south Hevron hills – a place that has seen more than its share of terrorism – on Sunday afternoon, saw the diminutive woman painting the front door of her house, pushed her inside and stabbed her multiple times while she fought and screamed. According to her 17-year old daughter Renana, who witnessed the murder, only their screams and the fact that the terrorist was unable to pull the knife out of Dafna’s body prevented him from attacking her and the younger children.

The terrorist Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, whose age is variously given as 15 or 16, fled home to the nearby village of Beit Amra, where he was arrested by IDF soldiers Monday night. Security forces released a video of the moments leading up to his arrest which shows the mansion – there’s no other word for it – that his family lived in (and which PM Netanyahu has promised will be destroyed). This particular terrorist was not driven to murder by grinding poverty!

This is prelude to what for me was the most significant part of this terrible story, which appeared in this morning’s newspaper (Israel Hayom, 20 Jan. 2016, p. 5 “הרוצח נשלף מהמיטה”). The father of the murderer told a reporter for Israel’s channel 2, that his son did not commit the crime, and if he had, the father would have turned him in himself. And then he turned around and said this to Palestinian media:

I am proud of my son. Every Palestinian must sacrifice for the sake of the homeland, and this is what my son did.

This is the Palestinian Arab Muslim culture of death and lies. This is the father and the culture that produced this vicious creature, like the 15-year old that stabbed a pregnant woman in Tekoa on Monday (she and her child will survive), like the 17 and 18-year old Awad cousins who killed five members of the Fogel family in 2011, the 16-year old girl Ashraqat Qatnani, who tried and failed to kill a Jewish girl (her father was proud of her too), the 11 and 14-year old Jerusalem Light Rail stabbers, and countless other young Palestinian Arabs who did what they have been taught is their duty to their people: to murder Jews. They are what I have called Terror Children:

The encouragement of children to become terrorists is not an accident. The Palestinian educational system is designed to do it. Child soldiers are nothing new, but their use as self-guided terrorist missiles is a Palestinian innovation. It can be counted along with the other Palestinian contributions to humanity, like the popularization of airplane hijacking, the Qassam rocket, and automotive terrorism.

From time to time in history a particularly interesting political entity with a unique culture arises. It can be based on religion like the Islamic State, a combination of peoplehood and religion like the State of Israel, or an ideology like the Soviet Union or the United States. But the ‘Palestinian people’ is the only one I can think of whose single unifying principle is hatred for another culture. Palestinian science, literature, art, politics, morality and economy only exist as expressions of hatred for the Jewish people and Israel. They like to say they are an “ancient people” tied to the land, and from a historical point of view this is nonsense. But it is wrong to say, as many Zionists do, that they are not a people at all. The ‘Palestinian people’ arose sometime after the State of Israel did, as its antithesis and would-be nemesis, unified by their rejection of Jewish sovereignty.

Its leaders, starting with al-Husseini and especially Arafat, understood that their power over the Arabs in the Land of Israel – as well as their ability to gain support from the rest of the antisemitic world depended upon, even flowed directly from, their population’s burning hatred and resentment. So they nurtured it, founded their institutions upon it, and educated their children to burn even brighter, to hate more strongly, even to subjugate their drive for self-preservation to the demands of hating and killing.

This is one reason that the Palestinians always rejected opportunities for statehood. All of the proposals put before them from the 1937 Peel Commission on have implied that there will be a counterpart Jewish state; and this of course directly contradicts their national essence. But it is also the case that a culture that is all hate leaves little room for constructive impulses, so – unlike the pre-state yishuv of the Jews – they have failed to create the political and economic structure needed for a state.

The Palestinians got the world’s attention for their cause with airplane and ship hijackings, terrorism, hostage-taking and murder. Arafat stole billions from the West intended to improve the lot of his people, stashed them in his Swiss bank accounts and bought arms to attack Israel. He destabilized Lebanon and tried to overthrow the king of Jordan, causing untold misery and at least two wars. Arafat, the most revered and loved of all Palestinian leaders, epitomized the culture of hate that he helped create.

So here we are in 2016, and almost the entire world believes that the Palestinians, who have been at the center of so much violence – and whose tactics served as a model for the terrorism of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Islamic state – are not perpetrators, but victims! And the world is falling over itself to ‘fix’ the problem at our expense. I have absolutely no doubt that Barack Obama will finally complete his betrayal of Israel before the end of his term by abstaining from a UN Security Council vote ‘establishing’ the state of Palestine.

One would think that the world would have noticed something amiss with the Palestinians by now. But – to a great extent because of their choice of enemies – most of it is sympathetic to them, terror children and all.

It should be obvious at this point that there cannot be a negotiated settlement that can reconcile one nation with another whose very reason for being is to hate and destroy the first. It should be obvious that in this situation the only way to stop the terrorism and the incitement that leads to it is to physically prevent it, which means to overthrow the elites that are leading it and to either control or disperse the population that is carrying it out.

It should be obvious, so what are we waiting for?

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