A very bad weekend

Vandalized tram station in Shuafat neighborhood, Jerusalem. Graffiti -- in Hebrew -- reads "death to Israel, death to Jews"

Vandalized tram station in Shuafat neighborhood, Jerusalem. Graffiti — in Hebrew — reads “death to Israel, death to Jews”

It looks from here like a really bad weekend in Israel. Some 40-odd rockets were fired from Gaza at southern Israel within 48 hours, as far as Beersheva. Arabs rioted throughout the country, throwing rocks and firebombs at any available Jewish target. They systematically destroyed the light rail tracks, stations and equipment in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, which were supposedly a symbol of coexistence in the capital.

The murderers of the three Jewish boys are still at large, and — oh yes — the police have made arrests in the case of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, the Arab boy who had gasoline poured over him, and was burned alive. The three suspects are Jews. No further details have been released as yet.

The cold-blooded depravity of this crime makes it stand out, even in the context of the Jewish-Arab conflict. I would happily put a noose on the necks of the killers myself (I would feel this way whether they were Jews or Arabs). The fact — assuming that it is determined that they are guilty — that Jews did this is shocking.

If they are convicted, they will rot in prison. There will be no prisoner exchanges, and they will not be considered heroes. Soccer fields will not be named after them, and the Israeli government won’t pay them and their families a ‘salary’ for their service to the state. The Jewish people will spit them out in shame.

There are many differences between the way we will respond to this terrorist crime and the way Arabs respond to acts of terrorism committed by Arabs. I am not in the mood to write about that now, just to express my sorrow to Abu Khdeir’s family.

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3 Responses to A very bad weekend

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    I could simply write ‘Ditto’. What is clear is that every Israeli government official and every Jew except a minute fringe minority, condemns the abominable murder of the Arab youngster.
    As you indicate perhaps now is not the time to speak of ‘Assymetry’.

  2. MDA says:

    I don’t now if there is something missing in your writing here? Something about balance perhaps?
    You say you would happily put a noose around the necks of the killers ( of the Arab boy) yourself?
    All because it is so horrible that Jews would kill an Arab the way they are alleged to have done?
    But when Arabs abduct and murder Jews the way they do – what is your position?
    Happily put a noose around the Arab necks? Or keep them for Netanyahu’s catch and release program?
    Yes we have sorrow for Abu Khdeir’s family….and sorrow for three other families you do not mention.
    Is what is really happening here not a public reaction that is starting to strike back on their own as they loose trust in a Government of secular Liberalism?

    Is this because a tide against appeasing Israels enemies is now growing? That seems to be the case, and that is exactly what Israels Jihadist enemies want.
    It certainly places the current government of Israel between a rock and a hard place. Do those inclined to support vigilantism see a Government whose policy is appeasement of Israel’s murderous enemies? What other reason for vigilantism could there be?

    The PA/Hamas Jihadists who deliberately abducted and killed three young Jews “three who no longer represent Israels future” is diabolically brilliant while being insidiously painful. Especially when it appears the killers were prematurely released from Jail over previous crimes directed at Jews – how is that for pain?
    Government policy up until now is that Jewish society is just supposed to shrug it off and progressively move ahead. That is after all the secular way.

    Now consider the PA.Hamas way, a way taught from birth.
    Why would Pa.Hamas students of such hatred be inclined to stop killing Jewish youth; when it leads to vigilantism which predisposes the Israeli government to pursue it’s own people?

    Do you think it might be a Great victory for Islam if abduction and murder of Jewish youth creates vigilantism that gets Jews wanting to hang other Jews for killing Muslims who were taught to hate and desire the deaths of all Jews?
    Am I wrong…or has it come to that? You know the desire of Jews to gladly put the noose around the necks of other Jews…

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