The kidnapping is a casus belli

IDF soldiers search for 3 missing Jewish teenagers near Gush Etzion in Judea

IDF soldiers search for 3 missing Jewish teenagers near Gush Etzion in Judea

The kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers in Judea Thursday brings home a fact that might not stand out in abstract discussions about the significance of the Palestinian Unity Government, or the various 2-state, 1-state, or any-number-state plans.

This is the fact that the Palestinian Arabs — they want to be a nation, so call them the Palestinian Nation — is the deadly enemy of the Jewish state and individual Jews.

Palestinian sources are quiet now about the kidnapping, although there are reports that prisoners in Israel are ‘celebrating’, in the hope that there will soon be yet another “prisoner exchange” like the one that freed 1027 Arab prisoners in return for Gilad Shalit.

They understand that their Jewish enemies are upset and angry and they would prefer not to provoke them at this point. The jubilation will have to wait for the ultimate outcome, which, if everything goes their way, will be yet another instance of Jewish submission to Arab strength. They’ll shoot in the air and give out candy, and another thousand or so murderers will go home (it’s too painful to speculate about the condition the boys will be in, if they survive).

We could have coexisted with them peacefully and profitably for both peoples. But starting with al-Husseini, they chose a different path, the path of rejection. Yes — they chose. And it didn’t turn out well for them. But even when it was possible to go a different way, they were resolute. They made their choices and then they doubled down. They bear the responsibility for the consequences.

This kidnapping is a casus belli. Those who quote Rabin’s remark that “peace is made with enemies” leave out something important. Peace is made with defeated enemies, because undefeated ones are trying to kill you, or worse, your children. That’s what an enemy is.

Those who think that the whole idea of enmity is outdated and atavistic, an ugly remnant of tribalism that the human race should leave behind may be right, but if you have to deal with people who live in that world, you can’t ignore them. You can’t unilaterally disarm, physically and psychologically. If they are trying to kill you, you can’t stand above it and look down tolerantly on those people who are not as advanced as you are.

You have to fight them and kill them. When you have killed enough of them, they’ll give up. Then you can start making peace.

Update [1244 PDT]: I spoke too soon. They are already celebrating.

Palestinians distribute sweets to celebrate the kidnap of three Jewish teenagers

Palestinians distribute sweets to celebrate the kidnap of three Jewish teenagers

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6 Responses to The kidnapping is a casus belli

  1. joelsk44039 says:

    Israel should give the “Palestinian” government an ultimatum:

    They have 24 hours to turn over the kidnapped boys. If not done, Israel will cut electricity except for 4 hours per day and restrict the flow of water to the West Bank PA territories and to Gaza, as well. There shouldn’t be any conscience on the part of Israel about “collective punishment” when, in fact, the entire Palestinian enterprise is behind this act of violence.

    Further, now that the so-called country of “Palestine” has been recognized by the U.N. General Assembly, the very next time any attack against Israel originates in any Palestinian area, Israel should respond as any country would to an act of war. Enough pussyfooting around these monsters disguised as humans.

  2. Olgordo says:

    joelsk44039, you’re absolutely right, but please don’t use the European/UN/Obamaen enemy’s false nomenclature. It’s not “the West Bank PA territories”, it’s Arab-occupied Judea and Samaria!

  3. mrzee says:

    As nice as it might be to see the barbaric “palestinian” society completely destroyed, politically Israel could never get away with it. The international community will never allow the palestinians to be defeated which is why peace is unattainable for the forseeable future.

  4. Devash says:

    So, you see this event as some kind of turning point? You’re looking for it to escalate into something bigger?

    • Sorry for the delay, I normally get automatically notified of comments and for some reason this isn’t happening. Yes, I see it as a turning point — not specifically the beginning of a military conflict, but rather as a psychological change in the attitude of Israelis. The idea that at some point there can be a diplomatic solution to the conflict is receding. This is the final end of the Oslo period.

  5. Devash says:

    Maybe you interpret the word “comment” strictly and do not answer questions or maybe my question came across as contentious. That was not my intent. It was a serious question. I read something similar at Debka and I wanted to be sure that I understood you correctly. Also, I wanted to know if it was more of a gut feeling or if it’s based on other sources that you might have. Thanks anyway.

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