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Obama’s remorse and Iran’s victory

Does Iran really think it can defeat the US? How could it? The US is the greatest military power the world has ever known. Its nuclear arsenal is enough to turn any possible enemy into ionized plasma multiple times over. … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and the twilight of the West

So Barack Obama has got his agreement, his legacy. There will be debate and a vote (or votes) taken in the US Congress, but even if the Congress passes a resolution that disapproves the deal, and even in the unlikely … Continue reading

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Obama’s policy is as unrealistic as Bush’s, but more dangerous

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” – Winston S. Churchill American policy toward the Middle East in the past two administrations has been disastrous. Maybe I’m missing something, indulging … Continue reading

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Obama’s ABC for ending the Jewish state

This past week Barack Obama laid bare the pincer maneuver he is executing against Israel. As he explained it in an interview with Ilana Dayan on Israeli TV, he intends to squeeze Israel between a nuclear Iran and a terrorist … Continue reading

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For Obama, it’s a moral crusade

What to make of the bizarre interview that Barack Obama gave to Jeffrey Goldberg recently, and his talk at a DC synagogue? My wife thinks that I’m wasting my time. “Why do you take anything he says seriously?” she asks. … Continue reading

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