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Kahane Was Right

Rabbi Meir Kahane, the bane of the Left and the Arabs, the man whose very name evokes revulsion among liberals everywhere, was right. He was also wrong, very much so, about some things. He was a racist, a Jewish supremacist. … Continue reading

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Young Woman is the Latest Jewish Hostage

Zion, will you not ask after the welfare of your prisoners, Who seek your welfare, and are the remnant of your flock? – Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Israel still doesn’t have a government, and Turkish planes and artillery are striking civilian … Continue reading

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A Welcoming Host for the Virus of Antisemitism

In the US, there is a Jewish Voice for Peace, an If Not Now, a J Street, an Open Hillel, and a Tzedek Chicago – and probably a hundred other Jewish organizations with the same general objective. All would deny … Continue reading

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Antisemitism and Misoziony

Since 1945, antisemitism has rarely been an issue in the national politics of the US and the UK. Today, at least for Jews, it is a real concern in both countries. In both cases, it is tangled up with anti-Zionism, … Continue reading

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The Real “Real Reason the Left Hates Israel”

I recently came across an article on the always-fascinating topic of “The Real Reason the Left Hates Israel,” by Sharon Goldman. I highly recommend it for its analysis of the intellectual and political origins of the flaming misoziony* of the … Continue reading

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