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The Narrative

Maybe arguments are not important. Maybe, as Jonathan Haidt (video, 1 hr. 32 m.) says, logical arguments are window dressing used to justify conclusions forced upon us by deep-seated emotional motivations. Maybe those who demand that we “free Palestine” on … Continue reading

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The Death Factory

Israel and the Jewish people have no enemy more vile than the PLO and its dominant faction, Fatah. The PLO was founded in 1964 by the Arab league as a “Palestinian” organization whose goal was the “liberation of Palestine through … Continue reading

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The poisonously ambiguous concept of “two states”

AIPAC CEO Howard Kohr created a stir Sunday when he called for “two states for two peoples: one Jewish with secure and defensible borders and one Palestinian with its own flag and its own future.” Kohr deliberately echoed the words … Continue reading

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Let Israel win

Why can’t Israel and the Palestinians just get along? Daniel Pipes answers that wars end when one side or the other wins. And Israel, he says, is not trying to win. Please consider two sets of three dates. The first … Continue reading

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Shoot to kill, not to neutralize

Every time there is a horrific terrorist murder of a Jew because he or she is a Jew, I am compelled to write one of what I am calling my “outrage posts.” I’m outraged that this can continue, over and … Continue reading

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