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The Ambassador from Obamastan

It was profoundly depressing to listen to the new American ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, speak on a webinar produced by Americans for Peace Now. Both the tone and the substance of his remarks were discouraging. The tone expressed the … Continue reading

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Some Hard Facts

There are such things as hard facts. A hard fact is something that is true, not dependent on point of view, ideology, culture, religious belief, or politics. I know there is a post-modern trend to deny that they exist, but … Continue reading

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Amnesty and its Israeli Collaborators

The recent Amnesty International report which accuses Israel of apartheid and crimes against humanity is demonstrably dishonest, tendentious, and so lacking in context to be unworthy of serious consideration. Indeed, it has even been called “a paradigmatic example of anti-semitism … Continue reading

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Keeping the Land of Israel

News Item: The European Union has spent half-a-billion dollars over the last seven years to support a Palestinian Authority plan to control Area C of the West Bank, an Intelligence Ministry report publicly released Tuesday. “Foreign assistance as a significant … Continue reading

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Disappearing the Jews

On any scale of importance, the absurdity that the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures somehow ignored the fact that Jews, most of them running from antisemitic Eastern Europe, created the industry ex nihilo in the face of still more … Continue reading

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Our Strategy – or Theirs?

In the context of Israel’s security situation, somebody recently told me to be more cheerful, because there have been worse times. Leaving aside the question (which my wife would answer in the negative) of whether I am capable of cheerfulness, … Continue reading

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“The Axis” vs. the Jews of Judea and Samaria

Psychological warfare is not all that different in organization from the kinetic kind. There are campaigns and objectives. Recently the objective of our enemies – the Arab-European axis of antisemitism – has been to destroy the legitimacy of the Jewish … Continue reading

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Life in the Stone Age

Almost every day that passes sees attempts to murder Jews, because they are Jews. Some of these can even be called attempts at mass murder. No, I am not only talking about rockets launched from the Gaza strip and aimed … Continue reading

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