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Has Joe Forgotten Joseph?

Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who knew not Joseph – Ex. 1:8 Ever since the day there arose a Pharaoh in Egypt who “did not know Joseph,” the dialectic of the Jewish people in diaspora has been … Continue reading

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The Iran Policy Shipwreck

The other day YouTube decided that I wanted to see a compendium of large ships crashing into each other or into docks, cranes, and other installations. What impressed me was the unavoidability of the crashes: the ships moved ponderously, inexorably, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Paranoia

Jewish paranoia. The phrase is ridiculous. Paranoia suggests delusion. But they have been hating, expelling, and murdering Jews for being Jews since there were Jews. Until 1965, the Catholic Church taught that the Jews were responsible for the death of … Continue reading

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How Israel Could Get a Stable Government

The challenges facing the state today are enormous. Although the vaccination project has been a success, the more-contagious mutations are spreading among groups that haven’t been vaccinated, and there are worries that new strains for which the vaccines aren’t as … Continue reading

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Is it a Still a “Free Country?”

I didn’t want to write about the USA anymore. People keep telling me that I don’t know anything about events there, that it’s a different country than when I lived there, and that I don’t get how Donald Trump almost … Continue reading

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