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A bug, not a feature

Dear Apple CEO Tim Cook, I am writing to report a bug in the Clock application of your iOS operating system (10.3.2), found on my new iPad. Somehow the country associated with Jerusalem seems to be missing! Almost every other … Continue reading

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Millwall 1, Islam 0

If you haven’t heard about Roy Larner yet, he’s the British football fan that is being called a hero for his actions last week at the Borough Market near London Bridge. When three terrorists entered the Black and Blue Steakhouse … Continue reading

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What do you say to someone who just tried to murder you?

I felt sorry and sad when I saw the 16-year old Arab girl lying in the road after she was shot. She was someone’s daughter and she could have had a life. She stabbed a soldier getting off a bus … Continue reading

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Is Reform Judaism a religion?

It probably won’t be the last time I shake my head at how the US Reform movement (I’m including the much smaller liberal branch of the Conservative movement)  has replaced Judaism with progressive politics – they call it “social action” … Continue reading

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