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The Washington Post sinks to Mondoweiss level (updated)

The usual suspects have been pulling out all of the stops to attack Israel’s new Justice Minister, MK Ayelet Shaked. Shaked has been called a racist, accused of inciting genocide, even compared to Hitler. Until recently, this kind of verbal … Continue reading

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Pamela Geller is right

I’m seeing lots of criticism of Pamela Geller for almost getting murdered as a result of organizing a “Draw Muhammad” contest as part of a free speech event. I don’t buy any of it. Here are some of the things … Continue reading

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The worst way to form a government, except for all the others

Earlier this week, Avigdor Lieberman decided, for some reason, that he would not join PM Netanyahu’s coalition (yes, he gave ‘reasons’, but nobody takes them seriously). Coalition negotiations with Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party, the last to get on board, … Continue reading

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Ethiopian-Israelis are fed up

We have long been the punching bag and scapegoat for everything in this country. People say that they’re with us, that they brought us here. They didn’t bring us here. We came because of Zionism, not like others who came … Continue reading

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Coalition agreement with Haredim includes too many concessions

I have great respect for those Jews who are more observant than I am. I made my personal decision about the degree of observance that is right for me, and for some that makes me an apikoros. But they have … Continue reading

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Bending the arc — away from Israel

Alex, the son of anti-Zionist billionaire George Soros, is starting a Jewish political action committee: Bend the Arc PAC will back progressive candidates by making direct contributions to their campaign committees. It will focus on issues such as income inequality, … Continue reading

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