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Why you should make aliyah

There about 6.5 million Jews living in each of Israel and the USA, and another two million in the rest of the world. As everyone knows, the great Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, the Muslim world and Russia have declined … Continue reading

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The most clueless Jew in the world

Arik Ascherman calls himself a “human rights activist.” I call him an anti-Zionist one. For years he has been doing his best to interfere with the Israeli authority in the territories, support Bedouin tribes squatting in the Negev, oppose the … Continue reading

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On keeping your suitcases packed

I have always thought that curiosity about oneself is self-indulgent. Nothing bored me more than people that wanted to tell me what they had discovered about themselves in psychotherapy. Just get on with it, was my motto. I don’t care … Continue reading

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Being the nation-state of the Jewish people

In April of this year, the UN released the 2017 World Happiness Report. Using polling data collected by the Gallup organization, it ranked 156 countries in the world in order of how happy with their lives respondents said they were, … Continue reading

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The truth is a minority opinion

This morning I got an email from an American correspondent asking what are the arguments for the legitimacy of Israeli communities (not ‘settlements’) across the Green Line, including all of Jerusalem. When I responded, I realized that although I have … Continue reading

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