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An Ally, not a Satellite

Despite the fact that my daughter once had one of those T-shirts with a picture of an F-16 and the words “Don’t worry, America, Israel is behind you,” a mutual defense pact with the US is a terrible idea. Senator … Continue reading

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The Coalition Racket

The first thing to know about Israel’s electoral system is that it has a serious flaw. The second is that it’s very hard to fix it. As you probably know, Israelis vote for parties, not for individual candidates for the … Continue reading

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Israel’s Coming Constitutional Crisis

Can there be a constitutional crisis without a constitution? Apparently Israel is headed toward one, as Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Likud party confront Israel’s Supreme Court. The Court says that Netanyahu wants to render it powerless, destroying the independent … Continue reading

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IRAC’s bridge too far

The American Reform Movement, which believes that it has the right to dictate how Israel should deal with its most critical security matters, also wants to remake Israeli society in an American image. And not by imitating the best features … Continue reading

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Why US Jewish leaders have a problem with Netanyahu

Earlier this week, I wrote about the foolish and arrogant letter sent by the American Reform and Conservative movements and some of their associated organizations to President Trump, demanding that in the light of newly re-elected Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s … Continue reading

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