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A Unity Government, Without Arabs and Without Haredim

The study of Torah is good in combination with an occupation, since the toil of both makes sin forgotten. All Torah that is not combined with work will eventually cease and lead to sin. — Rabban Gamliel, son of Rabbi … Continue reading

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The Day Before the Election

It’s the day before the election and I awoke with a strong feeling of disquiet. PM Netanyahu has said that he approves of the idea of a “mutual defense pact” with the US. While I don’t precisely know what that … Continue reading

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Drama (not so much) and Democracy

PM Netanyahu promised a dramatic announcement Tuesday night. It was about as dramatic as he could have made it, given that he is a caretaker PM who does not have a coalition, and that it is one week before the … Continue reading

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An Ally, not a Satellite

Despite the fact that my daughter once had one of those T-shirts with a picture of an F-16 and the words “Don’t worry, America, Israel is behind you,” a mutual defense pact with the US is a terrible idea. Senator … Continue reading

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The Coalition Racket

The first thing to know about Israel’s electoral system is that it has a serious flaw. The second is that it’s very hard to fix it. As you probably know, Israelis vote for parties, not for individual candidates for the … Continue reading

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