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Islam is not a religion

Today in a 647-word editorial the New York Times has strikingly exemplified the West’s misunderstanding of and impotent response to the threat posed to it by a resurgent, expansionist Islam: Each new attack, each new convulsion of fear, horror, grief … Continue reading

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How Western ideology empowers the jihad

The US military made news recently when it adopted the Israeli tactic of ‘roof knocking’ – detonating a small explosion above a building that is about to be bombed in order to give civilians that may be present a warning … Continue reading

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Tolerance and terrorism

So there was a bloody terrorist attack – two bloody terrorist attacks – in Brussels on Tuesday. Dozens murdered, more injured seriously. The Islamic State took responsibility, and threatened more attacks. The overwhelming feeling one gets is a combination of … Continue reading

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Notes on terrorism

History stands at the beginning stages of Islam’s latest attempt to dominate the world. That’s a very broad statement, of course. Do I mean political subjugation and occupation, as in the Arab conquests of the 7th century? Do I mean … Continue reading

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Moderate Islam doesn’t exist (and neither does radical Islam)

I received lots of feedback on my last post, What Is To Be Done (apologies to Lenin). Some correspondents said that I should have distinguished between ‘radical Islam’ and plain old Islam. The radical kind is our enemy, they suggest, … Continue reading

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